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One on One with Sheenah Laine

Quote you Live By?“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for. Zig Ziglar”

Where are you from and tell us One special thing about the Country you are from? I live in Los Angeles California.I always wanted to live here. I love palm trees and the mountains.  Everyday feels like a vacation and we have the best weather. Our environment gives us so much today just being outside. Hiking and sunbathing are my hobbies. My mortgage is high but being outside and enjoying life is free. This city has so many models and actors, also the wealthiest lawyers and doctors but it is really sad how homelessness is out of control. Because of the drugs and mental illness the same communities with mansions have pockets that look like third world countries

What was that decisive moment when you decided to Pursue your modelling career? My Aunt Pearl was a model in the 70s. She was the Malibu rum girl and did album covers. My grandmother and everyone was always so proud of her. Her photos were everywhere. I wanted to be the one that made people proud. As a child that’s how I rationalized it.

Im sure you have an extensive list of what you have Achieved thus far? Care to share it? I have so many different careers. But for modelling I have done the rapper Ludicris’s album cover, been published in 4 magazines, appeared and 5 music videos and a few short scenes in movies and plays. I transitioned into fitness and compete with the World Beauty Fashion and Fitness league. I won third last year as a Fitness Model Diva. I have placed First on Muscle Beach as a Bikini competitor in their annual Labor Day show. Right now I am promoting my website www.FitlikeLaine.com

What were you like in High school :)?

What is the One thing you would like to change about yourself? If I could change one thing magically It would be to remove the scar from my lip and chin. I was in a bad car accident at 16 and a portion of my smile is paralyzed from the scar.

What was the last song you heard? I listen to so much music its always in the car or on my headphones. The last song I heard was Jon Legend “ The best you ever had” I like that song a lot and play it during my cool down when I am at the gym. I leave feeling confident and sexy after a good workout.

What was the last movie you watched? My last movie I watched was Step It Up. I love the young fun movies. Even if they are bad. I love dance and young love. Its so passionate and pure. It was on cable and simple feel good movies always keep my attention.

What was the last book you read? The last book I read was Girl Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis. It was “ok” and about to not be ashamed of being selfish with your goals.

Your favourite sports team & player? My favorite sports player will always be Kobe Bryant and I am a Lakers fan. If you consider bodybuilding a sport I love all the WBFF models and teams. They inspire me daily.

Favourite Actress & Actor. Why? My favorite actor is Mila Kunis. I think she’s so cute. Just a regular girl next door.

What is your dream Car? My dream car is an all white Lambo I also like Tesla. The idea of not having to use gas is exciting and earth loving to me.

What is your dream Shoot? My dream shoot would be nude in the city streets of Greece.

Whats your favourite Restaurant/Coffee Shop or Hangout? I love this place called Urth Cafe on Melrose ave in the city of West Hollywood. The food is cute and healthy. The tables are close together and the vibe is very Chic, but still casual. I l love their salads, lattes and fresh baked bread.People watching fascinates me and I enjoy overhearing people talk.  I study human nature and like to read people. Of course I keep my thoughts to myself.

Care to tell us abour your dream holiday Destination? I would love to go on an African safari. I seen the most beautiful photo of a lion. The fear and excitement of such a powerful creature would be majestical.

Is being a Model what its Made out to be?  I love being a model. Feeling beautiful and inspiring others to live a fit life is great. I enjoy using my body as a poster for living the lifestyle I believe in

Care to take a Selfie for our readers and your fans?

Do you gym and Diet. What do you do to maintain that hot body? I gym everyday because it helps me with my mind. I always feel so powerful and uplifted when I workout. I try not to eat anything fried or sweet. I eat clean and organic. I do enjoy food on special occasions and vacations but I go all out. There is little grey area. I either eat salad and rice or pizza and doughnuts.

Whats your take on Friends with Benefits?Friends with benefits are great. We should all be friends with benefits

Would you rate yourself as a Romantic? I am very romantic. I am always thinking of a way to make my partner feel special. I love to be romantic with everyone. I think the world needs more love and their is nothing wrong with showing people how much you care.

Did you ever get propositioned by a famous Chap :)?I live in LA so yes. I prefer a regular guy. I know some people are only using me out of convenience or ego.I value myself and like someone on my level.

What to you is the most sexiest thing imaginable? I love a healthy man with good muscle definition. A smooth soft face that was shaven the day before.

How important is a guys Dress sense to you? The way a man dresses is very important to me. It doesn’t have to be designer. But it should be nice and neat and reflect his personality. 

Whats your favourite meal & Drink? I love a glass of wine with bread and butter. Maybe with some baked stuffed lobster white rice and salad.

If you could PIM a meal, What would it be? Breakfast. Thick French toast and Matcha green tea. Fresh fruit and lots of nuts and cream.

What would you regard as the sexiest part on a guy and yourself? I love a mans chest. It says a lot about him and how he feels about himself.

What was the most bizarre and funny pick up line someone has used on you? This guy asked me if I was “whats his names girl” I was like this is his way of finding out if I was available. I knew there was no way I knew this guy.

Tell us about One talent you have that we would never be able to guess? My talent is splits. I am really flexible. I also bake the best cupcakes. I can bake them to look exactly like the emoji. They are soft moist and tall.

Whats your favourite Fashion brand? I love Guess Jeans. They are so cute and LA to me. I have grown up wearing them. I wear a lot of workout clothes too. My wardrobe is mostly Nike.

What kind of guy gets your attention? Is it looks or Brains 🙂Can’t lie, I am attracted to looks. I will be hopeful about the brain. I value maturity more than intelligence.

Favourite perfume on you and on a guy? I love Coco Channel Chance. On a guy I love the Versace line./ 

Describe your day if you didn’t have your Smart phone? If I didn’t have my smart phone I would be at a beach or a pool. Maybe even the spa. It would be a wet place that relaxes me. When I am at either of these I usually don’t have my phone anyway

Favourite Lingerie? I love Victoria Secrets because of their beautiful designs. 

Oh and on a guy What underwear would you like to see 🙂On a man I like Calvin Klein Briefs

If you were to be anyone famous,Who would you be and Why? If I was famous I would want to be George Clooney. He had a good career and now he is enjoying life.

What was your biggest regret in life? I can not entertain regrets. I am to young. I know everything happens for a reason and is a good learning experience

Three wishes. Tell us? I wish I was rich. I wish I could eat whatever I want and keep the same body. I wish for an immune system that fought every disease and prevented aging.

If  PIM Had to take you on a date,what would we have to do to ?

What was the most daring and naughtiest thing you have ever done 🙂 ? Sex on a rooftop. I would love taking the elevator all the way up in public places and see how far we could go without getting caught.

Where can fans connect and see more of you? I love amusement parks! I think its so much fun to be lost in the moment with that special someone.

My fans can find me on instagram

Instagram:@sheenahlaine. I respond to all comments and DMs. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.


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