Where are you From? I’m from a tourist town. 

How did you get into Modelling? Compliments got me into modeling.

Last song you heard? When The Parties Over 

Last movie/tv show? How I Met Your Mother 

Dream car? Cadillac ctsv wagon 

Boxers or briefs? I prefer briefs on a dude

How can a guy get your attention? A guy can get my attention by making me laugh or complimenting my car 

Is it easy being a model? No, surprisingly modeling isn’t as easy as it looks 

Favorite type of food? Greek

If we snuck into your bedroom what can we find you sleeping in? I sleep nude 

Dream shoot? In Greece on a beach 

What would you do for a day if you didnt have your smart phone? My day without a smart phone would consist of me working with no music

Where can we find you on Social Media

Instagram: @scarlettsbody

Facebook: /Scarlett Shantel

Follow her Patreon on 







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