Personal beauty is a better introduction than any letter;…Diogenes Laertius. Circa 200 A.D.

Nicole. Thank you for gracing PIM all the way from Calgary,Canada. You certainly are POETRY IN MOTION. Whats a day in the life Of Nicole Schneider. How do yu pay the Bills? I own a Construction company, so I am up at 5 am off to work until 6 pm and then come home and play with my kids, have supper, and read them stories, work on the computer answering back a ton of emails.
Wow. PIM is honored to have you? Your ambitions and goals as a model? Well I have an opportunity to go to Toronto to meet some of the biggest names in modeling so I am hoping something awesome comes out of that!!!
Did you ever think you’d be doing this(modelling)? NO
PIM: What do you like most about modeling? What do you like least?
nicole: I like taking pictures it’s fun reinventing myself, but it’s a lot of work people think it’s easy just to sit and pose but there’s A LOT of work that goes into just a beautiful picture!!!
What are your Health and beauty secrets Nicole? Any tips for our readers?
If you had to make any food or desert or junk food the caloric value of lettuce. Which would it be? Yes use Olive oil on your hair and skin!!! Amazing stuff, a desert that would be caloric value to lettuce hmm a glass of water with a little Chinese umbrella in it LOLO!!
Is there any one you would like to meet right now? And If you were a fly on the wall where would you wanna be ? I would love to meet Angelina Jolie for a women, and Gerard Butler for a man!!! And if I were a fly on the wall I would have to say ………………
Your dream shoot…Pick a location, a theme ? I would love to go to Russia and where the fur hats and some of the sexy outfits they wear!!!
Oh and what would you regard as the sexiest part of your body and a guys?
Well I have been told a lot of places on my body are sexy, but usually I get told my hair, eyes, and cheek bones!!! And for men I love strong man hands, necks are sexy, and smile, and something about certain men’s eyes that can be VERY sexy also 😉
What was the most bizarre and funny come on line that a guy has used on You?.
I would love to see your hair all over my bedroom pillow!!!
If you were a tour operator and had to entice people from South Africa to visit your city in Canada.How would you promote it? Oh and we South Africans are not used to that Canadian Winter lol
Come to Canada where you can meet some of the most beautiful women in the world and we can give you the tour of your dreams!!! and up North here we know how to keep you from getting hypothermia by keeping you very warm and close!!! So you won’t ever have to worry about being cold!! Because Canadian women are HOT!!! HOT HOT!!!! LOLO!
Have you ever been to South Africa or heard about it. If so please tell.
Yes, I have some friends from all over, They tell me stories of all the amazing animals and how the men and women go about courting each other, tribal dances and the amazing food that they eat!!! YUMMY!!
Tell us about one talent that you have that we never able to guess?
I work on old cars and trucks LOVE IT!!!
Whats ur favourite fashion brand: Guess, LV, to many to pick from 🙂
If you had a million rand, What would be your first purchase: What’s a million dollars?? A new supped up Truck!!
Favourite food: Steak, potato
Favorite perfume on a guy. Opium
Favourite Perfume on you: Code by Armani
Favorite clubbing and Hangout? Don’t really go to a lot of clubs, but out here I hit the bar called Whiskey it’s not bad!
Favourite restaurant and coffee shop….? Chantis
One wish you would like to come through.? To do a movie with Angelina Jolie OMG that would be to good to be true!!!
A quote that you always live by: Love the Sinner, Hate the sin
Favourite brand and colour of Lingerie? La Vie Enrose Royal Blue, White, Mauves and I love all purples!!
How is the modelling Industry in Canada. Are there lots of opportunities for models from around the world? SA has gorgeous woman. Is it worthwhile for them to come over there?Yes there is a lot of opportunity but only in Toronto, and Vancouver, here in Calgary there’s not a lot of big angencies!!
If you could be anyone famous in the World today, Who would you want to be and Why?
Again Angelina Jolie, why because to be able to have the opportunity to fly around all over the world and be able to make the kind of difference she does is outstanding!!! She’s a very selfless person and gives so much to so many people, and at the end of the day be so humble! That’s an amazing human being!!
Are you single? Whats your ideal man?
No, my ideal man is someone who helps you try to succeed in all you do, and has an amazing sense of humor, has a selfless attitude someone who gives and also receives with kindness!!
If PIM had to take Nicole on a date. What would we have to do to blow your socks off lol?
I’ve always wanted to go to the REAL opera shows, where everyone get’s totally dressed up, I would love to wear a beautiful evening gown, and then go out on the town, in a completely different part of the world!!!! Hmmm yeah definitely that!!!
I assume you speak some FRENCH. Any message for PIM in French. please translate? No I do not speak a word of French nor do I live anywhere near Quebec, I am very, very far West!!!
lol.Good luck.Nicole A pleasure to have you on PIM. Best of luck with the Modelling career……and please do visit South Africa. You will not be disappointed


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