QUOTE you Live By:
“life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment. – Eckhart Tolle”

Tell us One special thing about the place where you are From? I come from a place that is filled with trees and nature. No cement, high rise buildings, traffic lights, bad air etc and to me I think that is special & important to be connected to the earth.

Tell us why shoud we visit your country? Its beautiful
So how did you get into Modelling? When I was younger, everywhere I went people said I should try it. So when I was 17 I went to LA to give it a shot and got signed right away.

What was the last song you heard? James Blake – I need a forest fire feat Bon Iver
What was the last movie you watched? I actually watched a tv series called Dynasty.
What was the last Book you read? The seven spiritual laws of success by Deepak Chopra
Whats your favourite sports Team and who is your favourite player? I am not so much into having a favorite sports team or player. I like watching sports but I don’t have favorite teams etc.
Whos your favourite Actor/Actress and Why? Johnny Depp because he is sexy LOL. & I have two favorite actresses Penelope Cruz and Natalie Portman. All three I love because of the characters they choose to play.

Whats your Dream Car? Porsche Macan
Favourite restaurant,coffee shop? Currently in LA Il Pastaio siciliano food. And for coffee shop I love Paramount coffee.
Whats your dream Holiday? Anywhere on a beach with blue water or a boat
Is being a model what its made out to be? I feel like some people think that modeling is super easy, that you just stand around looking pretty and that it’s always glamorous, but that’s not the case at all. There are so many components that go along with being a model that are not easy. It has its pros and cons 🙂

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What are your Best Achievements in your Life,Thus Far? Speaking of which. What’s a typical day in the life of (You)? When I went to the amazon to a tribe and brought back bags of clothes, shoes & coloring books for the kids who had nothing. For me that fulfilled my soul. Anything to do with helping or giving back to the world satisfies my spirit on a deeper level. A typical day in my life is waking up doing some sort of meditation, eating, doing all my emails, responding to the Instagram world. then I’m either going to a shoot or going to castings & auditions. Then I work out unless I have more then one shoot a day, take my little dog to park if I have time, eat dinner. Do more emails then something to calm my body to prepare for sleep.

What do you do to maintain that Hot Body? Do Tell? Describe your typical workout. I do a workout class that’s called base camp fitness. It’s amazing. Everyday is a different kind of work out for a different part of your body. It’s with weights and cardio and the workout is only 45 min total but it kicks your butt. And then I do yoga as well.

Do you diet to keep this hot body in shape ? If so what diet do you follow? I don’t believe in diets so much. What works for someone else, may not work for you so I believe that each person should really get to know what works for them personally. I have learned over the years to just really listen to what my body needs in that moment. I listen to when something doesn’t feel right inside or makes me sick. I am aware of what makes me feel good & vibrant. I eat a plant based life style, lots of fruits, veggies & smoothies but of course being Italian I will never give up my cheese and pasta 🙂

Whats your take on friends with Benefits.? Whatever floats your boat lol
Did you ever get propositioned by any famous Chap? No
Would you rate yourself as a romantic? Oh yes

What to you is the Most sexiest Thing Imaginable? A smile and a kind open heart
Whilst we on the topic.How important is a guys dress sense to you? I love it when a man can have a great sense of style but not too obsessed with his image and sense of style.

What is your favourite Meal and Drink? That is so hard. I am such a foodie kind of girl. But I would say homemade pasta and my favorite drink would be a good green juice.
If you could cook PIM any meal and desert to blow us away…What would that be? I would cook PIM a Moroccan style fish dish. It’s one of my favorite dishes filled with so many flavors and spices and as far as for dessert I would make one of my homemade raw vegan cheesecakes!

Your dream shoot…Pick a location, a theme? Dream shoot would have to be anywhere that’s difficult to get to, isolated with beauty everywhere. That also has white sand, clear blue turquoise water.

Oh and what would you regard as the sexiest part of your body? My dimples on my lower back 🙂
Oh and what would you regard as the sexiest part body part on a guy? A sexy back and stomach

What was the most bizarre and funny come on line that a guy has used on You? “Girl am I in heaven? Because you must be an angel”

Tell us about one talent that you have that we never able to guess? I can snowboard and bake amazing homemade baked goods.

What’s your favourite fashion brand? Givenchy and Zara for the more affordable clothes lol

What’s the easiest way for a guy get your attention? Make me laugh

If you had a million rand, What would be your first purchase? Creating my own charity organization for children.

Favorite perfume on a guy and on you? I prefer essential oil perfumes now for both men and woman.

What’s the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Energy and personality

Describe your day if you did not have your smartphone? If I did not have my smartphone I would be on an adventure somewhere in nature.
Favorite Hangout? The park and spa
Favourite Lingerie? If we walked in to you bedroom what would we find you sleeping in? I sleep naked.

What do you prefer on a guy. Boxers or Briefs? Briefs
If you could be anyone famous in the World today, who would you want to be and Why? I wouldn’t want to be anybody else but ME.

If you had three wishes. What would they be.Would you care to share them with us? I can’t share my wishes or they might not come true.
Are you single?If PIM had to take u on a date. What would we have to do to blow your socks off lol? Sorry I am taken 🙂

What was the most daring/Naughtiest Thing you have ever done. If u wanna share lol? I won’t tell you the most naughtiest thing I have done but the most daring thing would be, when I almost lost my leg due to an car accident & I ignored what the doctors wanted to do to me. And decided to go to the amazon to heal my leg with an amazing tribe to help me heal myself.

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Instagram: @meaganjmitchell


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