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One on One with Jessica Janzen Van Vuuren

An independent, goal orientated girl, with a love for fitness and food!

Quote you Live By? “Life is a game, play it; Life is a challenge, Meet it; Life is an opportunity, Capture it” – Unknown

Where are you from and tell us One special thing about the Country you are from? As a born and raised South African girl, I feel blessed to have grown up in such a multicultural, diverse country and feel that this is something that truly makes SA so special.

What was that decisive moment when you decided to Pursue your modelling career? Being approached to work with various photographers, the experience of shooting with them and the experience of formerly being part of a model agency definitely contributed to my decision to pursue modelling further.

I’m sure you have an extensive list of what you have Achieved thus far? Care to share it? I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic photographers and am currently an ambassador for ModelconnectSA.

I have an upcoming feature in an Australian magazine (distributed in SA) and I am currently one of the faces on a Billboard on the M1 highway for Eyesquared OpticsJ

What were you like in High school J? I was actually a very shy teenager with my nose mostly stuck in the books! I did like to stay active and so enjoyed playing tennis and doing karate.

What is the One thing you would like to change about yourself? If I could remember to stop leaving my cellphone on my car roof before getting into it and driving off… that would be great! (laughs)

What was the last song you heard? Rita Ora – Let You Love Me, randomly going through my playlist.

What was the last movie you watched? To The Bone

What was the last book you read? My study notes…

Your favourite sports team & player? Don’t have a favourite team but I enjoy watching tennis and my favourite player is Rafael Nadal.

Favourite Actress & Actor. Why?

Actress – Sandra Bullock

Actor – Jason Mamoa

What is your dream Car? The Nissan Skyline GTR R35.

What is your dream Shoot? I have always wanted to do a shoot for an international brand of jeans

Whats your favourite Restaurant/Coffee Shop or Hangout? This is a tough one! As a sushi lover, my favourite restaurant would be the Fire Room.

I also love hanging out at various markets, like the Maboneng Precinct, then heading over to the Living Room for a sundowner and a dance!

Care to tell us about your dream holiday Destination? Travelling Europe would definitely be my ultimate destination! Exploring cultures and visiting ancient monuments and landmarks from different countries is my dream.

Is being a Model what its Made out to be? I think that, like with anything in life, it is what you make it. If it’s something that you want to do for yourself and no one else and sincerely enjoy what you are doing, then it will be a very exciting and rewarding experience.

Care to take a Selfie for our readers and your fans?

Do you gym and Diet. What do you do to maintain that hot body? I follow a healthy, balanced diet and eat around 6 meals a day.

I also workout 6 days a week at my local gym, running, following a weight training programme and doing Yoga.

What’s your take on Friends with Benefits? I personally don’t like the idea.

Would you rate yourself as a Romantic? Definitely!

Did you ever get propositioned by a famous Chap 🙂? Mmmm….my lips are sealed!

What to you is the most sexiest thing imaginable? A guy that is confident in himself and his abilities, can cook and has a great sense of humour!

How important is a guy’s Dress sense to you? This is something that is very important to me. A good dress sense goes far beyond the clothes themselves and reflects a lot about the person, particularly their self-respect. It is very attractive when a guy takes good care of himself.

What’s your favourite meal & Drink? I love seafood and can’t go a day without coffee!

If you could PIM a meal, what would it be? Hmmmm…. I have been told I make an awesome Thai chicken curry!

What would you regard as the sexiest part on a guy and yourself? On a guy – a great set of hands and shoulders.

Myself – I have been told that I have great abs

What was the most bizarre and funny pick up line someone has used on you? Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only 10 I see!

Tell us about One talent you have that we would never be able to guess? I can move my ears! 😉

Whats your favourite Fashion brand? Sissyboy and Zara

What kind of guy gets your attention? Is it looks or Brains 🙂 Physical attraction is one thing, but I feel that having someone that you can engage in with a meaningful conversation, especially where you can learn something from them that you didn’t know before, is more important.

So I guess brains are definitely going to stand a better chance at catching my attention!

Favourite perfume on you and on a guy?

Myself – Carolina Herrera (CH)

A guy – Hugo Boss

Describe your day if you didn’t have your Smart phone? Well. I would have to get through my workout without music (grrr), sip my coffee without reading mails and seeing as I use my GPS a lot to aid my hopeless sense of direction, I would probably end up getting totally lost wherever I attempted to go! (laughs)

Favourite Lingerie? Anything black and lacy!

Oh and on a guy What underwear would you like to see 🙂 Jocks are still the best!

If you were to be anyone famous,Who would you be and Why? I would love to have been Coco Chanel. To have established such an empire and become such a powerful fashion influencer..

What was your biggest regret in life? I am lucky enough to not have any major regrets and believe that everything happens for a reason.

Three wishes. Tell us?

That all animals had loving homes.

Zero calorie chocolate.

Shorter days and longer nights!

Are you single? No

If  PIM Had to take you on a date, what would we have to do to ? The way to my heart is definitely through my stomach haha! Home cooked meals are definitely a favourite but, they would have to match my mothers and that may be difficult to do 😉

What was the most daring and naughtiest thing you have ever done::? Skinny dipping in my former mother-in-laws pool with her son!

Where can fans connect and see more of you?

Facebook: Jessica Jan

Instagram :  @jessica.jan01 & @Modelconnectsa



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