About Bianca 

Favourite Quote? You can’t change the direction of the wind but you can adjust your sails to reach you destination.

Tell us One Special thing about the Country Youre From? South Africa – Well I’m Afrikaans, here we like a beautiful glass of Red Wine, Biltong, Braaivleis en Sokkie. It’s all in the roots.!

What do you do for a living? I’m a woman with many talents😜 I run my own modeling school aswell as doing a bit of travelling at the moment. Money was never a problem. Kind of a work hard, play hard situation. I always say, travel whenever you can, money will always return, time will never, enjoy your life each and every day.!

What were you like in High School? A problem🤣 Only kidding!. I was in Afrikaans High in Germiston & later on became Miss Afrikaans High back in my high school years. I’ll leave things at that😉

Have you ever had a nickname? What is it? NO! I was always known as Bianca.


What is your Dream Car? Lamborghini Urus

What is Your dream Shoot? It will have to be a beach shoot in Bora Bora

What is your favorite book to read? The Bible

Whats your favourite Movie? Currently… 365 Days and number 2 that just got released on Netflix called 365 Days This Day.

How many pairs of shoes do you own? The limit does not exist🤫

Favourite Sports Team? I’m a rugby girl, so not to step on any toes, I’ll have to say The Springboks.

Adidas or Nike or Other :)? Sorry guys, Adidas!”

On the Food Scene

Whats your favourite Restaurant/Coffee Shop or Hangout? Restaurant – Tang Sandton and Coffee Shop – Tashas
As for Hangout – There’s a few

If you had to cook PIM a meal what would it be? I’d call on Woolworths Food to prepare a dish, we’ll keep it hush hush🤫 I’m more of a baking girl, ask me to bake the most delicious double thick chocolate chip in anything😜”

Do follow any specific Diet? I have a sweet tooth, I’ll leave it at that🤣

Fun with Model

Care to take a Selfie for our readers and your fans?
“Of Course, FHM South Africa taught us well”

What was the most bizarre and funny pick up line someone has used on you?
I have heard probably every single one in the book, one that stuck with me was “I’m not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together.

Describe your day if you didn’t have your Smart phone? The same way I would look at the pedals on a manual car… (WTF)🤣

Who would you want to be stranded with on a deserted island? Michele Morrone! I’ll keep my reasons reserved

If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to? 1920’s, I was born into the wrong era.

If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have? The power to heal peoples brokenness and if we throw a bit of Sci-Fi in there, the ability to fly, to see the world through a birds point of view

What three items would you take with you on a deserted island?
A fire starter, a misquote net and a hammock. Thank you ‘Naked & Afraid’ for the amazing tips over the past few years😜”

Is there anything you wished would come back into fashion? A gentleman!

Which of the five senses would you say is your strongest? I have brilliant eye sight, nothing escapes it!

If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be?
A Lioness – I know exactly what I want and I always make sure I get just that.

On Life

What is your biggest fear? The thought of loosing my daughters or my mother, death is such a real thing.”

What would you change about yourself if you could? To stop giving people more chances than what they deserve.”

What really makes you angry? A liar and cheater! Hurt me with the truth but never dare comfort me with a lie.

What makes you laugh the most? My friends!

Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life? Cameron Diaz – Her personality and facial expressions in comedy’s are priceless not to mention hilarious, and my life can be one comedy on top of another at times🤣

What do you do to keep fit? I love taking long walks or hiking up mountain trails.

On Love

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of love? Staying with someone even when I knew what was happening behind my back.

If you had a warning label, what would yours say? Caution, MOUTH OPERATES FASTER THAN BRAIN, if you don’t like what I have to say, block your ears & walk away, it’s saver.

Your most special Valentines Present? Ohhh, we won’t go there.

HEAT in Motion

What to you is the most sexiest thing imaginable? A strong & confident man that always smells top notch!

How important is a guys Dress sense to you? Very!, if you cannot dress yourself, don’t expect me to dress for you either.

What would you regard as the sexiest part on a guy and yourself? On myself – It would be my eyes for they are the window to my soul. On a man – A man that looks and smells great”

Favourite Lingerie Brand & Color? “Victoria’s Secret by far! The color has to be red.

Oh and on a guy What underwear would you like to see? Jockey, Hugo Boss or Calvin Klein

Favourite perfume on you and on a guy? On myself – It has to be Lady Million
On a Guy – Versace Eros

Your Hottest pic on the Net or Gram? There’s many pictures, sadly FMH South Africa closed down a few years ago, but my fans could always connect with me via social media

Where can fans connect and see more of you? 

Facebook: (Bianca Tiana Biccard)

Instagram: @bianca_biccard)

TikTok: @biancabiccard1 )


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