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One on One with Ariella Wulfsohn

Quote you Live By? ‘it’s not how you control life. It’s how you respond to it.

Where are you from and tell us One special thing about the Country you are from? I am from South Africa and I’m proudly South African because so many challenges are thrown at us and we always seem to rise above

What was that decisive moment when you decided to Pursue your modelling career? I got tired of being rejected by modeling agency for the way I looked before the tattoos and piercings. I was body shamed and now I’m a tattooed photographic model.

Im sure you have an extensive list of what you have Achieved thus far? Care to share it?I’m a survivor of domestic violence, sexual assault and addiction. I’m a motivational speaker, a personal trainer, trauma counselor and a tattooed photographic model that shows other woman and men that you must love your body no matter the size or colour, everyone is beautiful in their own way.

What were you like in High school ☺? Rebellious

What is the One thing you would like to change about yourself? Nothing

What was the last song you heard? Whiskey lullaby – Brad Paisley

What was the last movie you watched? Extraction

What was the last book you read? Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

Your favourite sports team & player? Rugby The sharks and Springboks and the Beast, because it’s a South African

Favourite Actress & Actor. Why? Meryl Streep because she is amazing and Denzel Washington all of his movies actually have meaning

What is your dream Car? GTO pantico 1969

What is your dream Shoot? To do a shoot with my White Swiss shepherd cross wolf because I’m tired of seeing photoshoots with pitbulls

Whats your favourite Restaurant/Coffee Shop or Hangout? I don’t have one

Care to tell us about your dream holiday Destination? I don’t have one

Is being a Model what its Made out to be? No so I’m showing people that you don’t have to look a specific way to be apart of something

Care to take a Selfie for our readers and your fans?


Do you gym and Diet. What do you do to maintain that hot body? Yes I do body building

Whats your take on Friends with Benefits? No comment

Would you rate yourself as a Romantic? No

Did you ever get propositioned by a famous Chap ☺? No

What to you is the most sexiest thing imaginable? No comment

How important is a guys Dress sense to you? If he is a good person and treats others with Respect then I could hardly care about his wardrobe

Whats your favourite meal & Drink? Iced tea and sushi

If you could PIM a meal, What would it be? No idea

What would you regard as the sexiest part on a guy and yourself? My eyes

What was the most bizarre and funny pick up line someone has used on you? Can’t remember

Whats your favourite Fashion brand? Don’t have one

What kind of guy gets your attention? Is it looks or Brains ☺both

Favourite perfume on you and on a guy?Black XS

Describe your day if you didn’t have your Smart phone? I would be just fine I barely use my smart phone

Favourite Lingerie & Color? Lollipop lingerie & White/Black

Oh and on a guy What underwear would you like to see ?☺joks

If you were to be anyone famous,Who would you be and Why?I don’t want to be famous not even vigitivly

What was your biggest regret in life? No comment

Three wishes. Tell us? No

Are you single? Yes

If  PIM Had to take you on a date,what would we have to do to ? No

What was the most daring and naughtiest thing you have ever done 🙂 ? No comment

Where can fans connect and see more of you?

Facebook:Ariella Wulfsohn

Instagram: @ariwulfy_fit352_

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