“Everything happens for a reason”

Describe yourself in 3 words? Friendly,loyal & passionate

Favourite Lingerie & Color? I dont have a favourite brand but anything comfy & cute will do. I like classy black and white

Best thing about the country your’e from? Im from the USA and I would say the best thing is all the beautiful different places you can travel to

Last movie you watched? Its called 7500

Last song you heard? Another Day by party next door

Best body part on you and on a guy? My teeth or my legs and on a guy would also have to be his smile and his eyes

Whats the most sexiest thing imaginable? A romantic trip to an island

Funniest Pick up line used on you?  “if Corona virus doesnt take you out Can I 🙂

Favourite food & drink? French fries & Mountain dew

If you were invisible for a day where would you wanna be the most? The Maldives.


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