“Mother told me a couple of years ago…Sweetheart, settle down and marry a rich man. I said Mom, I am a Rich Man.” -Queen Cher

Describe yourself in 3 words? Quirky,Energetic & Thoughtful

Favourite Lingerie & Color? Bras N Things. I’d have to say black is always a good choice when it comes to underwear.

Best thing about the country youre from? The food is obviously amazing and so is the wine and the diversity

Last movie you watched? Tiger King, it’s a series though not a movie 🙂

Last song you heard? Lush Linguistic by Dylan Frost

Best body part on you and on a guy? I’d have to say my lips my lips, however on a man its definitely his eyes

Whats the most sexiest thing imaginable? A man with a ego I dont have to babysit 🙂 I dont do well with insecure men

Funniest Pick up line used on you? The best pick up line to use on me is to be honest about your intentions with me and ask me out on a cocktail or wine date and let me decide if i actually want to see you again 🙂 🙂

Dream Shoot? Somewhere tropical & warm like the Seychelles

If you were invisible for a day where would you wanna be the most? If I was invisible for a day there’s no specific place I would want to be but I think I would try to see how I could help those who are too proud to ask for help and really need it 🙂


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