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Catching up with Kamantha Naidoo

Describe yourself in 3 words?
Optimistic, Romanticist, Passionate

Favourite Lingerie & Color? Bodysuits, black or red

Best thing about the country your’e from? South Africa is a vibe 😜 I love coming home and just embracing the culture and every unique experience.

Last movie you watched? 365 days 😂

Last song you heard? Money Trees- Kendrick Lamar

Best body part on you and on a guy?I love my hair on good days 🙈 on a guy I most admire a good back and jawline

Whats the most sexiest thing imaginable?A romantic getaway somewhere tropical

Funniest Pick up line used on you?  Did you just fall? Like from the sky? Because you must be an angel 😇

Favourite food & drink? Thai and Mexican/ Red Wine or Gin Tonic

If you were invisible for a day where would you wanna be the most?On movie sets watching how my favourite celebrities work their craft so I can learn from them.




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