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Catching up with Amanda Jane Rubio

Describe yourself in 3 words?Creative, passionate, spontaneous

Favourite Lingerie brand & Color?I like maroon and green

What’s the best thing about the country you’re from?We make a lot of memes about our president

Last movie you watched?Lolita, it honestly wasn’t as good as I thought it would be

Last song you heard?Daisy by Ashnikko

Favourite body part on you and on a guy? Probably my legs but on guys it’s all about the arms

Sexiest thing Imaginable?I love surprises so when a guy can understand what I like and then do it without me asking, it’s a huge turn on

Funniest pick up line used on you?I left my corona mask at home, can you wrap your legs around my face?

Favourite food & Drink?Chick fil a with a frosted lemonade!

if you were invisible for a day where would you wanna be the most?In the jungle somewhere so I could hang out with all the animals without scaring them away





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