“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their
dreams.”- Eleanor  Roosevelt


PIM: Umeshni Thank you for gracing PIM. You are from Durban originally. You certainly are POETRY IN MOTION Firstly tell our readers more about yourself? PIM believes you an aspiring actress?Umeshni: Firstly, Thank you for choosing me to feature on PIM. I am very humbled and hopefully this will create great exposure for me! Hahaha! I was born in Durban but raised in Richards Bay. I am a 20 year old student at the University of KwaZulu Natal in Pietermaritzburg, majoring in Drama & Preformance Studies and Psychology. I gained my Honours in Dance in 2009 and I’m probably best known for my Michael Jackson impersonation and the movie ‘The Legend of the Killer Bride’ where I played the lead role.
How has modelling been treating you lately. Any nice shoots or jobs.Care to share some?To be quite honest, I’m not a professional model. I haven’t been trained or belong to any agencies and my studies come first. Once I’ve graduated- I’ll be on screens… worldwide! hahaha!!
You in FHM Models 2012 top 100. What are you doing for votes.?Care to tell our readers?I am so honoured to be in the Top 100 of FHMs Sexiest!! I never dreamed it possible! Big things like these don’t happen to small town girls like me so I am very humbled and excited. Being in FHMs Top 100 has already gotten me articles in The Sunday Times and The Post. I just hope the FHM faithful vote for me. Making Top 10 would be INCREDI-FREAKIN-BLE!!
Entice our readers. Why should they vote for you?I am a brown eyed Indian beauty. Potentially, the first Indian to win this title.
What would you do if you win FHM Models 2012?I would be absolutely ecstatic! I would run out and PAINT THE TOWN RED!!
What’s a day in the life Of Umeshni.How do you pay the Bills, What do you do for a living?Umeshni’s life is rather boring actually! Just campus campus campus!! But acting in Campus Productions are always a treat!
What are your Health and beauty secrets?Any tips for our readers?I love make up- I’m such a girl! But sometimes Natural beauty is unbeatable! Never pile on too much make up! As for health tips- you’re asking the wrong girl. I am a chocolate, fries and fatty biltong kinda girl!!
I mean all that spicy and delicious Indian Food, PIM should know. How do you make the sacrifice with that type of food being part of your culture?Can you cook a smouldering Hot Curry? If you had to whisk up a quick Indian Dish for PIM, What would it be?WOW! I would love to say that I’m a pro in the kitchen but that would be the biggest lie! I wouldnt dare try to cool curry anytime soon. My favourite dish would be my divine ‘Spicy chicken and Prawn Savoury Rice’ It might sound boring but its to DIE FOR!
Since we have you on PIM, And you’re Indian and fit to be a Bollywood actress..Whats your favourite Bollywood Movie and Why?Favourite Bollywood Actor, Male and Female?My favourite Bollywood actor- Shahrukh Khan, without a doubt! and actress- Priyanka Chopra, a true Desi Girl! My favourite Bollywood movie is definitely Khabi Khushi Khabi Gham! I tear up every time I watch it. Amazing story, amazing cast!!
Your dream shoot…Pick a location, a theme?Italy- Sexy Mafia theme!
Oh and what would you regard as the sexiest part of your body and a guys?On my body, Ive been told its my eyes and on a guys body- his pearly whites!! hahaha!
What was the most bizarre and funny come on line that a guy has used on you?A guy approached me in the mall and said “There aren’t enough cows in the world for your lobola” hahaha!!
What’s your favourite fashion brand: I love boutiques- no specific brand
Favourite food: Pizza
Favourite perfume on a guy: Million Dollar
Favourite Perfume on you: Bvlguri
One wish you would like to come through? HOLLYWOOD
Favourite brand and colour of Lingerie? Triumph- white!
Whats your take on friends with Benefits.? A big NO-NO!!
How has the modelling Industry ,present that is had an impact on the Indian Community and aspiring Indian models. With the bevy of Beauties in Bollywood, and the resurgence of Bollywood Im sure many aspiring Indian woman want to emulate these stunning actresses?I think that as an Indian many people expect me to limit myself in this Industry but I am a modern girl of the 20th Century. Ive been raised with good morals and values and I dont do anything without the approval and support of my parents. Bollywood actresses are unbelievably stunning but many girs need to remember that they have proffesional make up artists, costume designers, hairstylists and photographers who help make them looks this way. I think many girls feel pressured to constantly look ‘beautiful’ but we’re all amazing just they way we are! “If perfect’s what you’re searching for, then just stay the same” Amen, Bruno!
If you could be anyone famous in the World today, who would you want to be and Why? I would want to be Taylor Swift- she’s always linked to the sexiest Hollywood Actors!
What do you think of Playboy South Africa?I’m not against it but Playboy ism’t for me.
Are you single? What’s your ideal man?No, I have an amazing supportive boyfriend of 4 years.
My ideal man, however, would be Zac Efron hahaha!
If PIM had to take Umeshni on a date. What would we have to do to blow your socks off lol? A picnic on the beach! Romantic and cheap! hahaha BONUS!!

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