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PIM: Pippa.You are truely Poetry in Motion. I must say Top 10 for FHM 2010 is truly blessed to have you there, and so is PIM. How did the journey begin. Where have your exploits taken you….. Tell Tell? What are some of your major achievements?
pippa: I’ve been reading the FHM magazine since I was quite young. When they first started with ‘Homegrown Honeys’ I tried to enter, but I was too young. I waited till I was 18 and sent in my first bunch of pictures. I only heard back from FHM two years later though. My exploits have taken me to Johburg to meet the TOP 10 and work with the FHM crew. That was a very great honour for me. I’m proud to have achieved my WP colours at ice hockey, the rest is still to come.
PIM: You have made TOP 10 for FHM Models? Was a tough draw. Were you excited when you got the news? Oh and please tell us more about the TOP 10 Journey(Behind the scenes sort of lol)?What lies in wait for a top 10 contestant? Any interesting shoots?
I was busy Sand boarding when the news came out. My phone was full of messages from my friends and family congratulating me on making the TOP 10. I was overwhelmed. A lot of fun and hard work lies ahead for a Top 10 contestant. I’m very proud of my FHM shoot, but I had interesting photo shoots with upcoming Photographers. There was a lot of experimenting involved.
Pippa…anything you’d like to say. A message for our readers to entice them to vote for you?
I love my supporters. They know that I can only get to the NR 1 spot with their help.
Poetry in Motion and the blog are really proud that you up there doll. Do you promise us a nice pic,posing with mwha and my team and an autograph when you win…lol. What will you do with the Winnings and exposure?
Of course I would! I’ll decide as soon as I win. I prefer to keep it a surprise to myself and not plan too far ahead of myself. I can guarantee that it will only result positive.
How do you approach these shoots surrounded by a bevy of beauties and the self Realisation that HEY IM TOP TEN and I COULD BE THE FHM MODEL 2010?What a prestigeous title?
It is a very odd thing for me to think about that. My mind somehow can’t grasp what’s going on. I’m not worried about other beauties, because I know we all have a unique look. It would be a very big achievement for me if I win the FHM MODEL 2010 title. Most of my supporters come from Namibia and as I understand I would be the first Namibian born to grace the cover of the FHM magazine.
PIM: You are but 9 places away from the finale. Firstly, I know its a secret. But what do you have lined up for your campaign to muster all the votes. Secondly..What lies in store for the winner.Are you excited to snatch the crown of Fhm Models 2010?
The most important thing I do is to just be honest with myself and all the people around me. I throw promotion parties where people can actually spend time with me and decide if I am the girl they’d really like to vote for. The winner gets R20000 and her own photo shoot with FHM magazine.
Speaking of which. What’s a typical day in the life of Philippa Muller?
I wake up at 6h, write down my dreams and read a little in my special book of life. Then I’m off to the gym. After that I have my coffee and go to college until 13h or 17h. I phone up my close friend, Janike, after college and spend some time with her. Then I’m off to my flat to finish some work and clean whatever has been left dirty. That’s a little summary of my everyday life.
PIM: If you could cook PIM any meal and desert to blow us away…What would that be?
Hm, I would probably try and make you a nice juicy Ratatouille, because I’ve fallen in love with it when I lived in France. Haha, and as a desert, I’d buy you the most awesome Oreo Mcflurry. They are so yummie.
PIM: If you had to have KIDNAP any sportsman/celeb, who would that be ha ha?
My first choice would definitely be Nelson Mandela.
PIM: Your dream shoot…Pick a location, a theme ?
I’d love to have a photo shoot involving a waterfall. It should depict the beauty of a woman in natural surroundings.
PIM: Oh and what would you regard as the sexiest part of your body and a guys? 🙂
My eyes, they show emotion and can convey an idea easily, which is sexy. Every part of a man is gorgeous!
What was the most bizarre and funny come on line that a guy has used on You?
I asked a group of guys if they had a jumper cable that I could borrow. The one replied, “Sorry, we have no jumper cable, but I can jump you anytime.” Ha-ha.
PIM: 2010…in SA…UR THOUGHTS..How do you think we will handle it, Are you optimistic about SA and the future in retrospect to the economy, change of presidency etc? Let me put it this way. If you were president of this country. What would you change NOW!
I’m very positive about the future of SA. If I was the president, I’d try and create work for everyone to lessen criminality.
PIM: Tell us about one talent that you have that we never able to guess?
 I can lick my elbow.
What’s your favourite fashion brand: I’m not too much into fashion.
If you had a million rand, What would be your first purchase? A ticket to travel the world.
Favorite Food and Drink: Water, and my Mom’s cooking.
Favorite perfume on you:I have quite a few I love, D&G Light Blue,L’eau Parkenzo, MAC Aquatorquise.
One wish you would like to come through? I’d like the whole world to experience love forever.
A quote that you always live by: Do unto others only what you want them to do unto you.
If we snuck into your bedroom, what could we find you sleeping in? My hockey tricot.
What type of music have you been listening too lately: Drum &Bass, Jazz, and Psytrance.
Last movie you watched? Watchmen.
What do you do to feel sexy? Sport
Would you say a woman can learn how to be a model, or modeling is something in the genes? You have it or you don’t have it at all? Why do you think so?
Any woman can learn how to model, but it all lies in the hands of what the industry wants. Obviously good genes would also help.
If you could be anyone famous in the World today, who would you want to be and Why?
Amy Winehouse, she is such an interesting character.
Are you single? Whilst we on the topic, How important is a guy’s dress sense to you? So PIM can spruce up and impress someone like you. What’s your ideal man?
Yes, I am single. I’m very easy if it comes to dress code. He should be comfortable in his clothes. A man impresses me if he is very active and has good knowledge about the life we live in.
If PIM had to take U on a date. What would we have to do to blow your socks off lol?
To blow my socks off, definitely take me to do something challenging, like cage diving or any new experience we could share.
Good luck pippa. A pleasure to have you on PIM. Best of luck with the Modelling and FHM Models 2010. We’ll get the votes coming your way..
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