“It seems like the chaos of this world is accelerating, but so is the beauty in the consciousness of more and more people.”-Anthony Kiedes

PIM: Thank you for gracing PIM. . Firstly tell our readers more about yourself? Nola: Well im 25 from the small town of Alberton, and you’ll know me as a Fun Crazy laid back person 🙂
How has modelling been treating you lately. Any nice shoots or jobs.Care to share some?Modeling has been treating me very well since 2009 when I got to shoot for the Locally Whipped calendar for 2010 and from there it was one thing after another, Was top 100 FHM 2010, Top 15 Sports Illustrated 2010, Rapport Model –Miss November 2012, Wine Laid Bare 2010 & 2011 Its for Cancer Awareness  and something’s in between not really keeping track.
What’s a day in the life Of Nola. How do you pay the Bills, What do you do for a living? Well im a Special Projects Officer meaning I bring in the business for my company by submitting tenders it’s a bit hard to explain what I do exactly…. All I can say it’s a lot of hard work and daily deadlines.
What are your Health and beauty secrets?Any tips for our readers? There is no secrets at all…. You are what eat…. Does that count? I try stay healthy by going to the gym as often as I can and I have a big love for food so no diet really I just try to eat as healthy as I can during the week and weekends is like a eat all you want buffet, my tip is :  Body wise –  If you want it, work for it nothing comes easy and you are what you eat!
Can you Cook. What would you make PIM for Dinner? Um honestly I have been lacking in that department a bit…. But I know I make a killer Pasta!
Describe your day if you did not have your Blackberry?My Black Berry. I’ll have the Blue Berries for sure!!! Can’t go without my daily tool!

Boxers or Briefs?Oh What do women like? BRIEFS
Why should anyone visit SA. ?What would you say is the best place to visit in SA and Why?I really think SA have so much to offer tourism wise,  I think we have the best nature and also the best coasts…. My best place to visit in SA is all around the North Coast and why…. I really just love the north coast, its mostly private beaches nature and yourself!  It’s really relaxing and takes you away from all the noise and busy days.  I LOVE THE COAST!!!!!!
Your dream shoot…Pick a location, a theme? Well I have had the privilege to go shoot my “Dream Shoot” on an Island (Mauritius) not too long ago for a Calendar (Rapport Model Calendar)
Oh and what would you regard as the sexiest part of your body and a guys?The sexiest part of my Body I’ll have to say is my stomach or my full rounded bottoms. And for Guys I’ll have to say if they just look fit or like they work out it’s a pass from me But I do love sexy Pecks….
What was the most bizarre and funny come on line that a guy has used on you? Don’t let me start on this one you’ll get a SA!!! There was a guy that once said, Your dad must be a baker cause you have amazing buns…..  I Hate lame pick-up lines or guys asking for my bbm pin or even worse Mxit!!!!
What’s your favourite fashion brand: I love Forever New
Favourite food: EVERYTHING but will say Sushi
Favourite perfume on a guy: Joop for Men! Yummy
Favourite Perfume on you: Gucci
Favourite clubbing and Hangout? Will have to say Movida
Favourite desert: Any Chocolate
Dream Car:  FORD Mustang GT I know its Old School but I LOVE!
A quote that you always live by? “If you are going through hell,keep  going.” As they say, if you’re already at the  bottom, there is nowhere else to go but up. The situation you are in now won’t last forever, Keep Living until you attain your greatest happiness.
Favourite brand and colour of Lingerie? Sloggi and I Love all sorts of Colour
Whats your take on friends with Benefits.? There is NO thing like FRIENDS with Benefits!!!!! It’s a BIG NO NO!
If you could be anyone famous,Who would you want to be and why? ……. Mmmmm Thinking ….. ill say Kim K, Just to see what the fuss is about 🙂
What do you think of Playboy South Africa? I don’t think anything bad of it really, it’s just an art of topless woman.
Whats your opinion about Lady Gaga? Well she is Gaga that’s all I can say about her and that she has a amazing voice!
Whats the most outrageous thing you have have ever done? Going on a really short planed road trip with my best friend Kirsten Maarschalk
Are you single? What’s your ideal man? Am I Single … Im not gonna Tell :p my Ideal man is a man that makes a woman happy and makes her feel she is loved and appreciated.
If PIM had to take Nola  on a date. What would we have to do to blow your socks off lol? I Love the plain stuff like a nice restaurant where we can sit and get to know another, not a loud busy place.
Where will we see you next(magazine /publication). PIM notices you have been selected as an entrant for the 2012 Sports Ilustrated Model Search
Well I’m busy with some things this year so best to follow my page to see what I get up to
How big is the SI comp for models? I see it as one of the biggest achievements a swimsuit model can reach, I was lucky to have made it to the top 15 last year and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had! The shoot was in Cape Town and everything was just amazing! And its all a big Thank You to all the people that supported and voted for me!!! Its a big dream for lots of girls
Well you can vote for Nola on the link below

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