P.I.M: So how did you get into Modelling? When did it all begin for you?
niki: I got into the modelling world by doing little school competitions, until someone saw potential in me in 1995 and asked me to enter a competition called Mbabana Prestige Model. I entered against 1431 girls and won. I guess that’s where it all started.


P.I.M: Would you care to tell our readers of some of the most memorable experiences that you have encountered thus far, namely the best atmosphere, the best places, famous people you have encountered along the way?
niki: I had some amazing experiences! I recently returned from Brazil, I won a trip to Brazil compliments of Smirnoff! I got to meet a lot of famous people such as Suzette vd Merwe (Former Miss SA), Lorna Potgieter (also former Miss SA), Lee-Anne Liebenberg, many Springbok rugby players and Cricketers and I even used to enter competitions with Cindy Nell (former Miss SA), our Survivor Finalists Jacinda Louw & Angela Beck and I got to play in a couple of music videos as well as a soapy called the Res. I’m also involved in charity fund raises and I think that’s the most rewarding experience.
P.I.M: Is being a model what its made out to be?
niki: I suppose it depends on what you define a model to be…You get girls that end up being anorexic and addicted to drugs because of modelling…But from what I learnt about modelling, I definitely became a better person in the sense of being more confident and outgoing.
P.I.M:Anyways you are P.I.M’S babe of the week.Have you done some modeling and how do you maintain that sexy Body?
niki: I enter many beauty pageants & modeling competitions & I do some photographic work. I’ve been dancing for the past 22 years (I do ballet and I’m a qualified ballet teacher now)…I guess that’s how I maintain my body.
P.I.M: Are you big on the health thing?
niki: Well, now that is a good question…actually, no, I eat a lot of junk food, chocolates, sweets & enjoy my fizzy coldrinks, but I do exercise though. You can’t eat 24/7 and just sit on your butt and do nothing. I think the healthiest thing I’m doing at this stage that I don’t smoke and drink alcohol. I also don’t touch drugs!
P.I.M: If you could make any food or desert the caloric value of lettuce, What would that be? A chocolate desert maybe?
niki: Oh! It would definitely be CHOCOLATE!!! I’m totally addicted to it! Anything that has to do with Toffees, chocolates, marshmallows and Mc Donald’s Burgers, makes the best desert!
P.I.M: Oh and what would you regard as the sexiest part of your body and a guys?
niki: I must be honest when I say that I don’t really consider myself sexy. I’m actually very shy about my body. But if I had to choose, it would probably be my bum…! People tell me it looks good in any pair of jeans…so I guess I’ll have to go with that then!When it comes to a guy, I find a man’s shoulders, forearms and hands very sexy. I also like a guy that has nicely shaped lips & nice looking teeth.
P.I.M: Awesome pics. All of em.If you had to do a major Shoot tomorrow. pick a location.Your dream location?
niki: Thank you! I would love to a major shoot in ITALY!!! I always wanted to go to Italy! The architecture, the beaches and just everything about the country is beautiful!
P.I.M: Any Sportsman you would like to spend a weekend in the tropics with? Care to tell us why?
niki: Mmmm…I suppose it will have to be Roland Schoeman…coz he’s a good swimmer and he can save me if I drown in the ocean! :o)….And he’s a hotty of course!
P.I.M: Whats your favourite Sports Team?
niki: The Springboks of course, Ferrari & the Mercenaries paint ball team!
P.I.M: Do you know much bout soccer and Man Utd and Liverpool?
niki: Well, I don’t understand the game at all, and all I know is that my team must score the most goals to win! I’m a Man United fan…
P.I.M: Or are you backing the Sharks for a Super 14 Title?
niki: I think I shall refrain from answering this question…
P.I.M: What was the most bizzare and funny come on line that a guy has used on You?
niki: “Ek wens ek kan jou spyker”… Not that funny, but very Bizarre! I guess some guys lose their manners when they become hormonal!
P.I.M:Tell us about one talent that you have that we never able to guess?
niki: I can swear at you with my toes…
P.I.M: Fast Cars & Bikes,F1,WILDLIFE,? Which ones?
niki: Fast cars (my no 1), and F1. *P.I.M: What are your passions?My passion is life itself. And of course Chocolates! And I’m very passionate about dancing, traveling & eating! :o)
P.I.M: Whats the most dangerous or daring thing that you have ever done?
niki: I jumped off a high cliff into water & nearly drowned!
Favourite place to shop? Any place that has clothes, handbag, shoes and food!Favourite restaurant,coffee shop? My favorite restaurant is Giovanni’s & Moyo and Wimpy coffee is the best!Have you ever eaten Indian Food? Whats ur favourite dish?Yes, and it burnt the living crap out of me! Just give me normal Curry & Rice and I’m happy!Favourite Perfume on a guy and for yourself?Fire & Ice Cool on a guyLove Her Madly for myself.Favourite clubbing and Hangout?I don’t really enjoy clubbing, but I absolutely love Go-Carting and paint ball. I don’t play paintball myself (Don’t want to have bruises all over when I’m in a bikini on stage), but I love supporting the guys in it.Favourite Song? There’s too many songs to choose from!
Favourite Movie? Meet Joe Black…and many others!
P.I.M: What would you never leave home without at any given time?
niki: My Identification book & License. You never when you could be in an accident!
P.I.M: Niki for our readers Are you single?
niki: Sorry guys, I’m spoken for…
P.I.M: Lastly Niki if you had three wishes. What would they be.Would you care to share them with us?
niki: I wish to travel the world and have Health and Happiness. *P.I.M: Thanks Niki.Good luck with your modelling,Thank you!
Thanks Niki,Wel see more of you on PIM and good luck with the modelling and your career.

P.I.M: Whilst we on the topic.How important is a guys dress sense to you.?So we can spruce up and impress someone like you lol?
niki: A man that is well dressed and looks sophisticated does the trick! I have always loved a man in suit or uniform. A nice pair of jeans and good looking shirt will also work. I don’t like baggy pants & half the underwear showing…And don’t try to impress me with a bunch of flowers, candle lit dinners and sweet talking, just be yourself!
niki: Yes, I am, maybe not the biggest sports fan, but I am. I love watching soccer / football and also F1 Racing.I’m not really sure about the 2010 soccer world cup. I hope that they will be able to pull it off, but with the current crime statistics in SA, I don’t really think it is a good idea to host 2010 in the country. We have a beautiful country and beautiful people here, but it is the minority that makes the majority look bad. It is very sad. And of course we also have the AIDS epidemic that is killing so many people. And sadly, it is not stopping.
P.I.M: If you could be anyone famous in the World today, Who would you want to be and Why?niki: niki: There are so many famous people that inspire me, and everyone has their own personality & unique characteristics that it would be impossible to choose just one person. If it has anything to do with looks, I would want to be Charlize Theron…she is Beautiful!
P.I.M: .Are you a Sportsfan?Do you like soccer? Do u thnk wel pull off 2010 Lol?

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