“In every man’s heart there is a secret nerve that answers to the vibrations of beauty.”-Christopher Morley


PIM:Hi Nagelique.Great to have you on PIM.Tell us more about yourself?
nagelique: I am a 24 year old part time model from Pretoria, and when I am not modeling I work as a subscription Co-ordinator for a magazine.
What are some of the highs and lows in your modelling career thus far, Great experiences to share?
Well the matter of the fact is you can always win or get casted so dealing with dissapointment is as low as it gets, But the high is winning or seeing the outcome of all the work and effort I put into my modeling.
What are some of your goals of being a model and where would you want to be in ten years time?
 I have a very short but difficult list, haha, I want to do a T.V commercial, be on a calender, a billboard and music video.. haha, The main thing is I want to be myself and live out my passion.
Any major competitions or shoots you involved in at the moment?
Well I will appear in a few calenders this year like Ellens toast to hope calender 2011… I won the Miss summer Lovin for FUSUN studios last year as well as Picture Perfect’s December covergirl. I am holding thumbs for 2011, hopefully this will be my year.
What’s a typical day in the life of Nagelique Smith?
Well, weekdays consists of work, going to the gym after work till 7 and sleeping… I sometimes change my schedule when I have to attend a casting or big shoot, and my weekends are booked out for shoots.
If you had to have KIDNAP any sportsman/ celeb who would that be ha ha?
Rian Reynolds, I think he is really handsome and he is funny, bonus! haha.
Your dream shoot, Pick a location, a theme ?
 I would love to do a high fashion shoot at the Grand Canyon.
Oh and what would you regard as the sexiest part of your body and a guys?
My eyes and my bum.. haha
What was the most bizarre ,funny and pick up line that a guy has used on You?
It would have to be this one….” I’d marry your cat just to get in the family.”
What’s your favourite fashion brand : Guess, and Lipsy my favourite disgner is Elie Saabn though.
If you had a million rand, What would be your first purchase? a House and a plane ticket to Phuket.
If you had to get someone drunk quickly, what would you order them at the bar ? Tequila
Favorite perfume on you? Lady million by paco rabanne
Favourite perfume on a guy? Dunhill Black
Favourite Club or Hangout? I like going to lounges instead of clubs, so I would have to say FTV lounge or Cofi
Favourite Lingerie & Colour? La senza is my favourite lingerie shop, and lingerie in black is always sexy.
One wish you would like to come true? I would love being a brand ambassador for any fashion label.
A quote that you always live by? “I am not interested in money, I just want to be wonderfull” and do everyting you do, with love….
If we snuck into your bedroom, what could we find you sleeping in? I love sleeping in silk, so you will mosy proberly find me in my little silk dress or hotpants and a shirt.
What type of music have you been listening too lately? Anything thats on the radio, especially Bruno Mars.
Last movie you watched? Due Date.
What do you do to feel sexy? I put on a coctail dress, heals and my favourite perfume.
If you could be anyone famous in the World today, who would you want to be and Why?
I would want to be the president, and do some thing about the crime in our country.
Fast Cars and Bikes,Oudoors or just a girl next door. What do you drive Nagelique….and er…Whats your dreamcar?
 I love any Mercedes but I am a girl next door, for sure, I leave the glam stuff for modelling, but when I am myself at home I am really down to earth.
Are you single? No, havent been single for the past year.
Whilst we on the topic, How important is a guy’s dress sense to you? So PIM can spruce up and impress someone like you. What’s your ideal man?
Very important! Style is everything when you want to leave a good first impression, the two dealbreakers is without a doubt arrogance and guys that brag.
If you wanted to impress PIM on a date.What would you do.Details please from dressing up to activities?
A First date should be during the day, its a theory I have haha. a Pickncik on the beach or a hot air balloon ride would be fun and casual, it leaves no space for trying to dress up when your doing something outdoors.
Thank you so much Nagelique .Best of Luck.

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