“Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood in its defense.” – Mark Overby
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PIM: Hi Marlize. Great to have you on PIM.What are some of the high’s and low’s in your modelling career thus far, Great experiences to share?
marlize: Thank you for featuring me, it’s an honour… Well so many things have happened thus far in my career as I have been doing modelling since the age of 15. There is defiantly many “high’s” in my career thus far, like the feauture of a music video and landing a spot in the top 20 for FHM models 2011 competition, fans can read more about my achievements on my blog (www.marlizeliebenberg.blogspot.com).  The fact that I am also sponsored by Cha Bon Hairstylists is another great thing that I am extremely proud of. The low’s? Most girls say there are no low’s because it’s their passion, but that’s a cliché…I’ve had some bad experiences with people treating you bad, uncomfortable situations, but can truly say that if you carry your name well and live up to your standards, most of the “low’s” can be avoided.
Tell us a bit more bout urself?I was Born in Cape Town, and moved to Gauteng at the age of 9, got rid of my Afrikaans Capetonian accent because kids teased me in school. I adore animals, especially horses… and is also a proud supporter of Kitty and Puppy Haven ( www.kittyhaven.co.za ) I work a Monday to Friday job at a World Leading Gas Company in the HR department, study Graphic Design , and go to gym…on weekends i usually have all the modelling events, jobs, and opportunities. Other than that I am a very bubbly person, that loves interacting with people and making new friends.
What dedication and discipline does it take to become a model. How do you keep that fit.Care to share your exercise and fitness routine?It is hard work as most of the girls have already mentioned, but it’s so much fun and you get to do what you love while you are still young enough to do it, and if you look after your body, you can also do it for longer… I do Gym Mon-Thurs and then I recently started eating very healthy, just because it is something I WANT to do, most girls feel that they are obligated to only eat healthy and then feel miserable. But I  have got a passion for gym and I think the healthy eating just contributes to the fact that I love what I do, and I don’t find it torturing to only eat good food. I do have sweet things or Mc Donalds every now and then, because I still want to live life and enjoy what it has to offer.
What are some of your goals of being a model and where would you want to be in ten years time?
Apart from just a modelling goal, I have always wanted to meet Lee-Ann Liebenberg (van der Walt) she was my role model since I was in school, and I have always looked up to her and cannot find anything wrong about her, she’s just breathtaking and so down to earth. But apart from that, my main goal is to stay humble, and treat people with the respect I would like to be treated with.  Everyone wants to be famous, but I just want to be noticed and successful in what I do. I want to become other girls’ role model as well some day.
In 10 Years, I want to be happily married and teach younger girls about modelling. I would also like to be a Fitness-Junkie , and maybe take part in the fitness competitions, but for that I still need a lot of hours in the gym and I think 10 years would be good. 🙂
Any major modelling competitions or shoots you involved in at the moment?
Not at this moment, no. But will be a judge for a major modelling competition held in KZN, and really looking forward to that, and then I also would like to get more involved with charity…Most People use charity to be more famous and “liked” by people, but I want to use my popularity to see what MORE I CAN do FOR charity…
What’s a typical day in the life of ML?
I stand up at about 5:30 in the morning, do my hair, then I eat, brush my teeth, get dressed, do my make-up and I am off to work, at work I sit doing…well…work….from 8am to 4.30pm, then I drive home, make my food and eat, sit down with my studies, and then go to gym, come back , take a shower, put on PJ’s and off to bed, just to start the next day exactly the same… very typical I would say…and in between I also spend time with my boyfriend and my family 🙂
If you had to have KIDNAP any sportsman/celeb who would that be?
Your dream shoot, pick a location, a theme ?
WOW! Channing Tatum=YES PLEASE!… on the top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, just wearing really sexy clothes and as long as he can wrap those arms around me, i won’t care about the shoot 😀 , but if I was only allowed to KIDNAP a female, it would be Lee-Ann Liebenberg, doing a shoot with her, both of us dressed in tight fitted leather outfits, doing a shoot with a big male… I know, I’ve got a bit of an imagination! 🙂
Whats your thoughts of PLAYBOY Magazine now in SA. How do you feel about the PLAYBOY BRAND?
I would never pose for it, I don’t really like it and it’s not my scene, I don’t criticize girls wanting to be in Playboy and even posing for them. It’s their choice and they have to live with the consequences it brings in the future, but I prefer keeping what I have to see only for the man I love 🙂
Oh and what would you regard as the sexiest part of your body and a guys?
My Body: I would say my legs
A Guys Body : Very strange: but I love the part of a muscular guy on his shoulder where the Trap and the Deltoid comes together and the bigger he is build the deeper the “kink” would be, I just find it very sexy!
What was the most bizarre ,funny  pick up line that a guy has used on You?
When I was still in school, my gr11 year, we were having a netball tournament, some random oke from one of the other schools came up to me and told me:” You’ve got such nice legs, I would mind having them around my neck.”  I was so disgusted, and that was the WORST and RUDEST thing I have ever heard from a guy… It really states that he has no respect for a woman!
What’s your favourite fashion brand :
I love sports brands, so that would be Nike, Puma and Adidas.
If you had a million rand, What would be your first purchase?
I would add a little more money and blow it all on a Nissan GTR Skyline 😉
Favorite Food and Drink?
I adore a good fillet steak, and a drink would be a Savannah Light,  sometimes I enjoy a single Fish Eagle Brandy and coke… but i don’t drink much overall.
If you had to get someone drunk quickly, what would you order them at the bar ?
Loads of Lavoka Caramel shooters, but they would most likely end up in hospital with alcohol poisoning at the end of the night
Favorite perfume on you?
I’m not really a fan of perfume to be honest, and I never smell them and try them on, so I don’t know any.
Favourite perfume on a guy?
Favourite Club or Hangout?
Do not really Club a lot, because I prefer braaing and just hanging out with friends till late watching the rugby and so on.
Favourite Lingerie Colour?
Black and Red
One wish you would like to come true?
I’ve always wished for a horse since i was a little girl, but even now, I cannot afford it, nor do I have a place to keep it, so that would be my wish!
A quote that you always live by?”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Phillipians 4:13
What type of music have you been listening to lately?
Karlien van Jaarsveld
Favourite song at the moment: “Beter as Liefde” Karlien van Jaarsveld
Last movie you watched?  “Dear John”
What do you do to feel sexy? “After Gym, i feel really good, motivated, in shape, and that makes me feel sexy.”
If you could be anyone famous in the World today, who would you want to be and Why?
Jessica Alba, she is successful, beautiful, sweet,  the whole package !
What would you say is the best thing about JHB.?um…. i would prefer living in Cape Town again, because I really miss the coast and I love all the Afrikaans speaking people. I don’t like JHB that much, taxis, traffic, huge crime rate, and everything is so far from each other compared to Cape Town, sorry, I just answered that question totally in reverse of what I was asked…. I guess you can take the Girl out of Cape Town, but you cannot take Cape Town out of the girl…
Are you single?
Nope, I own a boyfriend called Kevin 😛
Whilst we on the topic, How important is a guy’s dress sense to you?
I think it depends from person to person, I don’t mind what a guy wears, as long as he can pull it off and look great.
So PIM can spruce up and impress someone like you. What’s your ideal man?
Taller than me, blond hair, Blue eyes, cute but sexy smile, fairly well build. Then on the “inside” he must have a good sense of humour, He must love animals and respect woman, I also like a man who can make me feel safe when he is around, and that’s about it 🙂
If ML  wanted to impress PIM on a date.What would you do. Details please from dressing up to activities
I’ll wash my hair with the great products from CHENICE , and then dry and curl is softly, my make will be “night-life” make up so it will bring out my eyes, my outfit would be simple but elegant, I would probably be wearing a Skinny jeans with a lot of detail on the buttocks, with some stilettos bought from Rage and a tight fitted top with some sequence on it… For our date I would take you to Cape Town Fish Market as they have THE BEST sushi I have ever tasted as a starter and then I would go to a nice Portuguese restaurant for a steak fillet with pepper sauce while enjoying a glass of wine listening to the Portuguese music playing in the background softly. After that I would love to indulge in a soft and fluffy chocolate mousse for dessert and then just sit and talk, get to know each other and enjoy the evening, very relaxed 😉
Thank you Marlize. All the Best in the Future

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