I am playful, friendly, full of energy and silly, but I’m not unintelligent. My biggest passion is self perfection and always looking my best. I love horse riding, being on the beach and shopping. My two main role models are Carmen Electra and Megan Fox… I also have to say a wee bit of Avril Lavigne, cos i kinda have a similar attitude as her. I am currently a Travel Consultant and only relocated to Pretoria less than a month ago, and at the end of the month I will have a new profession as a financial advisors PA / Assistance. I would love to be featured in FHM soon and make it to the Top 100, one of the things I have wanted to achive since I was 15.
“Yesterday we obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors. But today we kneel only to truth, follow only beauty, and obey only love. ”
-Khalil Gibran”

PIM:Lauren: Thank you for gracing PIM. . You certainly are POETRY IN MOTION Firstly tell our readers more about yourself? Anyone that likes Carmen Electra and Megan Fox speaks our poetry……:)
Lauren: Hey hey… Its awesome to meet you all :), even though not face to face, heehee.
Myself, ok I have lived in Durban all my life and only just over a month ago have moved to Pretoria – and I’m finding it interesting:). I have two Brothers and I’m in the middle, yeah middle child syndrome 🙂 just kidding, they are both extremely supportive of me and I have to say terribly rugby orientated, they both are Brilliant at it, One thing I have to mention is I have the most amazing and legendary mom and dad! They rock!! I love animals, any, I have a strong way with them… well that’s what everyone tells me. My biggest passion has always been horse riding and I have been riding and schooling horses for 18 years, im very much the “Dare Devil”, cos im not scared of riding any horse :). One of my biggest weaknesses is shopping, woahhh you have no idea, obsessed with Louie Vuitton, yup, so to sum it up you can say I have a constant shopping problem :), heehee.
Megan Fox, OH MY WORD , I love her I think she is just too stunning, tomboyish in a way where I can honestly say I’m very much like her with the whole slim/ tight t-shirt, jeans and sunglasses kinda gal, classy when needs be of course, otherwise comfortable in what I look like ? I am terribly conscious of my appearance at all times. Her Attitude, that whole “I don’t Care what people think”, I live by, you can’t always let others bring you down, you need to be who only you wanna be…. And with regards to me being selected into the FHM Top 100 in 3days, was crazy stuff, and yeah I had a whole lot of haters who tried to scare me and bring me down! A few weeks ago I did have the “I don’t care attitude” thing going, but it was only cos I thought I would submit my pics and what will be will be I guess… woahh, I was surprised! ?
Carmen Electra, has always been one of my most idolized celebrities since I was like 12, her whole persona is sick, she is GORGEOUS and main thing is she is a “Party Starter” heehee and well yes, I kinda am “A party Starter” too, I love to get involved, dance, look sexy and have an awesome time. Heehee I always say, dance like everyone is watching ;)….
How has modelling been treating you lately. Any nice shoots or jobs.Care to share some?
well ummm, I kinda only did my first real “Photoshoot”, stood in front of a professional camera, a few Sundays ago at a Photographers open day. I was having too much fun and just went with it, my personality helped a lot too cos I was laughing and pulling faces…it was entertaining. I think it’s a good thing to be yourself but sexy at the same time…and ok, I’m not really one to give advice just yet, seeing that I have only really done a proper professional shoot once… it was on the following Tuesday! Crazy stuff…I loved it! It’s exciting to get attention and have others you’re your photos.
I have always wanted to be a model, umm since I was really young. But I never perused it cos I thought, yes you can, be air-brushed and be pretty…BUT you have to be real and your body, face and the way you look needs to be you. What I mean is, I wanted to look good in the pictures, but a main thing was, if people meet me, I look just like I do in my photo nothing mores and yeah so Self perfection has played a major role in my life, you need to accept yourself for you and love you for you.
When I was seen on FHM and was selected for the FHM Top 100, I can honestly say was one of my biggest goals in my life that I had accomplished. I mean I have wanted to be in FHM since I can remember, another was to feature in FHM, someday in my life, obviously if I was good enough…heehee so holding thumbs that I might get a break sometime ?. But Top 100, oh my word, is exciting and crazy. I just hope I can make it further, but I will take it as it comes ?, it’s an experience I have only ever dreamed of and I’m enjoying every second of it!
One word its “sick” that modeling has happened to me, damn, it’s exciting! And I can’t wait to get more involved with it and see what I can do ?.
You in FHM Models 2012 top 100. What are you doing for votes.?Care to tell our readers?
Yes, exciting stuff, I still think I’m dreaming in away haahaa, cheezy I know…but I gotta come down to reality and work it. ?Umm ok well, I would love peeps to vote for me of course…. I mean all the lovely ladies that made top 100 do, and trust me its tough competition cos they all stunning and have something individually special about them, so I would think public must vote for who they think deserves it and of course there favorite. What I did initially think and say to myself, “ I have made it this far in such a short time which is sick, I couldn’t have asked for more, I don’t wanna force anyone to vote for me, either you think I’m worth a shot and have something or not…I’m not going to shove it in your face” but yeah if you think I’m worth it, heehee please vote for me sms MODEL 44 to 33441 – Lauren Goosen.
Entice our readers. Why should they vote for you?
 I’m different… plain and simple, I’m not your typical poster girl…. I’m more of the “Avril Lavigne” of the 100, “You don’t always have to do everything right, Stand up for yourself, And put up a fight, walk around with your hands up in the air, Like you don’t care”, I’m on this ride to enjoy it and see where it gets me, win or lose I’m still gonna come out smiling. Poster girl….Haahaa I would like to think I am but truth is, what you see is what you get ? either I’m what you like or not. Heehee playful, friendly, socialite and I would rather be friends with the other girls than enemies. My outlook on things have to be real and I’m more exciting as a person than I am in my photos, the attitude and sex appeal in my photos is what I am in reality you just need to see me in person ?.
What would you do if you win FHM Models 2012
Woaah toughie,? heeheee just smile ?, heehee ok disappointment or regret to the public is not an option here, meaning I will not disappoint anyone who voted for me to win or leave anyone with regret, that they chose me! I will live up to every single expectation of me and rock my title. If I’m the last one standing FHM Model 2012, nobody will question their decision, yeah I’ll rock your worlds ? heehee.
Sounds like a beauty pageant here, but honestly, I would love to get involved with charities and underprivileged children and people. I have been overly blessed with my parents and two brothers and I will always be super grateful that I was given the life I was given! I have seen so much suffering in people’s lives, it breaks my heart….I would do anything in my power to give back to people who need inspiration and hope in their lives. I mean, honestly I would give everything just to see others happy, happiness is a huge factor in someone’s life and if I can give just a wee bit of people hope and happiness I can be worthy of my smile on my face.
What’s a day in the life Of Lauren. How do you pay the Bills, What do you do for a living?
Used to be Horse riding every day ? and really wish it still was, but since I have moved to Pretoria in the last month, riding has been 0. But I hopefully will get into it again soon. I used to be an Inbound Travel Consultant for the past 5 Years, exciting stuff….but hectic. I have now just been employed as a personal assistant for a Financial Advisor, which is super exciting for me, cos I mean I studied travel and tour operations so I been in the travel industry for almost 7 years, so it’s now a new beginning and new challenge for me and I love challenges ?.
What are your Health and beauty secrets?Any tips for our readers?
Your body is your temple, respect and look after it as though there is no tomorrow. Eat right and remember what you put in, you need to work twice as hard…I have always been critical about my bod, I have never been that satisfied, but I am super confident in me ?
I used to be big into my athletics and running, but that was only at school, so that kept me active during those years…trained about 3 times a week. After school, gymed a lot and worked constantly with a personal trainer during the week….madness cos she never took no for an answer, Yikes and did she push me ? heehee, but its all good.. Another keeping toned and fit was a huge result of my horse riding, I rode constantly every day and rode more than 3 horses a day.Insane…I love it!
You just need to keep fit and love your body, love what you look like and know that if you are happy with you that’s all that matters.
Can you Cook. What would you make PIM for Dinner?Heeheee, umm well…. Do muffins count??
Boxers or Briefs?Oh What do women like? Nothing ;)….
Why should anyone visit SA. ?What would you say is the best place to visit in SA and Why
Now that’s a question im used to hearing, sounds like I’m still working for my last job ?, You need to sell South Africa to the client… 😉 Well plain and simple really South African is STUNNING…the wild life, The Big 5 – magnificent and huge attraction…our beaches are incredible and the people are friendly.
Your dream shoot…Pick a location, a theme?
 well I have to say, Space or another planet – very outrageous and out there I know, but I think individuality is huge, something with a BOOM that nobody has ever seen before and that will blow their minds ?!
Oh and what would you regard as the sexiest part of your body and a guys?
I would have to say their shoulders and upper back, and yes of course nice arms to go with it. I am crazy, about a guy’s toned shoulders….yummmm!
What was the most bizarre and funny come on line that a guy has used on you?
Seriously? Haha Umm I have actually had quite a few weird ones… one that has stuck in my mind a wee bit is “ Can I touch your ass please, my friends and I have been eying it all night” I kinda laughed so hard I nearly spilled my drink on my friend
What’s your favourite fashion brand:Iron Fist &Louie Vuitton
Favourite food:SUSHI…. I mean dahh ?
Favourite perfume on a guy:Have to say Hugo Boss
Favourite Perfume on you: I have soooo many different perfumes, but I can definitely say my signature perfume – TOMMY GIRL
Favourite clubbing and Hangout?Hmmm tough one, it used to be Casablanca, but now I gotta say I’m kinda leaning towards Icon. I love fancy and getting dressed up to go clubbing!
Hangout, the beach – when I was in Durban…not sure on one in Pretoria yet ?, we will see
restaurant and coffee shop….?Primi, hello Tea pots ? a must and coffee shop mug and bean, I love their luxury hot chocolate!
One wish you would like to come through?One of my biggest wishes has already come true, so I don’t think I can jinx it now if I let it out from under wraps… every girls dream I guess,to fall in love and find the guy who would treat me the way I need to be,like the princess I am ?haahaa and I have found him ?
A quote that you always live by?
Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’! – Audrey Hepburn
Favourite brand and colour of Lingerie?Wonderbra -Turquoise or pink.
Whats your take on friends with Benefits.?
Hmmmm…skip ? haahaa jokes, I think its ok if you not in a relationship, but what normally happen is the one person develops stronger feeling towards the other and it can end up with someone being crushed. Nasty….but very true.
What advise would you give to aspiring young women that would like to become models? Is it tough out there or what you make of it?
You are beautiful and unique, individuality is a must and confidence is the key! Tough yes, but you need to believe in yourself and one thing I have learned in my short time of modeling….others are always going to try and bring you down…never back down, and remember what negative things anyone says to or about you…ITS ONLY GOING TO MAKE YOU STRONGER ? . Life is far too short, so follow your dreams and be true to you. Good luck lovelies mwaaa x
If you could be anyone famous in the World today, who would you want to be and Why?
Avril Lavigne – purely cos she has a similar attitude to me, she has the looks, her own style, loves to rock out and get everyones attention ?
What do you think of Playboy South Africa?
I believe in values and I have them, you always need to leave something to keep the mens attention….so why show it all. It takes aways their imagination if you bear it all!
Are you single? What’s your ideal man?
No, I have just recently got engaged to the most awesome, mind blowing man ever ? He is perfect to me inside and out!
If PIM had to take Lauren on a date. What would we have to do to blow your socks off lol?
Hmm, I would have to say it needs to be kinda out there, surprise me….and followed by dinner out in the open in some breath taking area overlooking the bush, drinking wine 😉

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