PIM: Kats What can I say, I know you for over a decade now lol, Before youbecame No 68 FHMS 100 most sexiest. We as close as Hell and I have been supporting you in pagents from back in the day lol.AND you Italian,Belissima!!!! Now you PIM’S Babe of the Week…and its an honour. How did youget into modelling Kats? When did the journey begin for you?
Katya: My first ‘pageant’ was in 1993..at Caesars Palace..I won a Tina TurnerBest Legs contest.. My modelling career took off from there.
PIM: Are you a real fitness freak or Well blessed with a body that’s just Poetry in Motion. The Face of MUSCLE SCIENCE (correct if Im wrong)Do you require agreat deal of fitness to be where yuo are?
Katya: Ha ha..no I’m not. My body is mainly genetic. I danced for 12yrs. I gymmed for a long time too, then quit and went back a few years ago. I guess I’m reeeeally lucky I don’t gain weight. My sponsor is MUSCLE SCIENCE. I think as long as you look the part of a fitness model, it’s not essential that you are a fitness freak. I enter the bikini and sports model categories in the fitness comps anyhow..no jumping up and down involved 😉
PIM: MMM.FHMS no 68 in the 100 Most Sexiest. i was proud. Tell us about theexperience of 100 most sexiest. I mean you competing in a heavy shootingdraw. Best of the best?How was the journey?
Katya: Weeeelll…ha ha…it’s not actually something you can enter. It’s all about the votes, so I’m really thrilled so many people voted for me (P.S. My boyfriend was the first)PIM: Oh and what would you regard as the sexiest part of your body and er a guys……………….?
Katya: I think my legs..though some Australian guy friends once told me I have a bottom like Kylie’s..ha ha. I wish.
PIM: What was the most bizarre and funny come on line that a guy has used on You? i MUST ASK YOU THIS…Im sure BULLS FANS were after you all the time LOL?
Katya: Hmmmm…a tough one. Guys don’t usually try to pick me up. I’m theflirtatious one ;)But…the other day a young guy asked me if I straighten my hair and thatcurly hair suits me…is that a pick-up line? It was at a bar…I guess itwas?Nope…I wasn’t Afrikaans enough I don’t think. When I was a cheerleader for the Blue Bulls (a loooooooong time ago), I don’t suppose they even noticedme ;o)
PIM: Whats the most dangerous or daring thing that you have ever done Kats?
Katya:Nas, you know I’m not dangerous or daring ha ha. Wave-jumping in a rubberduck? Ha ha
Favorite place to shop: Dischem…don’t laugh
Ever eaten Indian Food: Yes, plenty…best ever with you.
Favorite dish: Saigon Chicken and sweet potato curryFavorite perfume on a guy…depends on the guy
Favorite perfume on u: hmmm…Hanae Mori at the mo
Favorite clubbing and Hangout? Movida, Ftv Sandton, Metro

PIM: If you could be anyone famous in the World today, Who would you want to be and Why?
Katya: Charlize….talented, gorgeous, well-known, influential I am sure. She made it!
PIM: Your thoughts on 2010?
Katya: Let’s hope we don’t lose it.
P.I.M: Tell us about one talent that you have that we never able to guess?
Katya: I don’t know if it’s a talent, but my pottery teacher seems to thinkso..ha ha…I can write on rice grains.
PIM: Katya. if you had three wishes. What would they be.Would you care to share them with us?
I KNOW ONE of em Lol..smirk.
Katya: For my parents to be happy and healthy. For SA to sort its shit out. And I got my last wish this weekend…I’m now verrrrry happy.
PIM: How will you pamper yourself after a hard day of work? Beside having Sushi with mua lol..just kidding!
Katya: Yes, definitely food Nas.
PIM:Are you single? Whilst we on the topic. How important is a guys dress sense to you.? So our readers can impress No 68 FHMS most sexiest
Katya: I have been single, but as of Friday, am no longer. I like a guy to knowwhat he likes. His personal style and conviction about what he likes, always impresses me. Dress for the occasion?
Katya: Thanks you for being one of the best friends on earth!! xx

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