The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams-Eleanor Roosevelt

Firstly tell our readers more about yourself? Attached is my biography-Also I believe in Light & Love and spreading it all to the world,Everything you do and say, do and say with Love
You the October 2011 Playmate in playboy South Africa. How was the Playboy experience? Playboy has certainly opened alot of doors for me and it has been an honour representing them. They treat all the Playmates and staff as family which is amazing. I recently won the latest Playboy competition and will be representing them in the Philippines this year and will feature in the magazine again as well as Playboy Philippines magazine.
Β How would you say PLAYBOY SA has taken on in our shores? Many people are still used to the idea of Playboy in South Africa but I personally think it has brought a new lifestyle to many.Not only do you get to appreciate beautiful women, the magazine offers the readers a lifestyle too. People now just need to give the magazine a chance
Were you nervous to bare all during the shoot. How was the shooting experience and screening process. Im sure its tough hey? Not as many people are comfortable with their bodies and everyone does have a complex one way or another, so yes it was tough in the beginning.I am lucky I come from a very open minded family that has taught me to be proud of what I have no matter the way I should look as the inside is what is most important. The shoot was amazing and the Playboy team made me feel very comfy.I only found out that the entire security team at Monte Casino was watching the entire shoot, (blushies all the way out after the shoot lol)
Parties. Cruises and autographs. How would you say fans have embraced you since you have been a Playmate? My fans are unbelievably supportive in so many ways.I would jonestly not have come this far without them πŸ™‚ Love to all and Thank you
Where to from being a Playmate of the month, I know the playmate of the year takes place.What then..meeting Hef in the mansion.:)? It would be a dream to meet HEF and all the Playmates.I think it would be out of this world.Now onto meeting Cindy Crawford my idol. When I meet her I will know that I have succeeded in my modeling career.
What advise would you give to any model aspiring to become a Playmate?Be yourself,Look after yourself in every way possible,conduct yourself as a Lady always without a doubt .
What’s a day in the life of Kandra. How do you pay the Bills, What do you do for a living? I have 2 Companies of my own. A Rental Management and Tourism Company.I started them up when I was 18,young yes I know but Looks only last for a certain amount of time and modeling wont always be there to support me and my lifestyle. I also dont want to struggle a day in my life and I want to maintain the the amazing Lifestyle I have now. Mu days are ususually spreading Love and Happiness in small gestures as well as the reality of Work πŸ™‚ With Love and support I manage .
What are your Health and beauty secrets?Any tips for our readers? Eating healthy is a big thing for me but then again I also love cheat days where I can get hold of all thejunk.Gym is a must for a healthy body. Lets not forget tanning, Pale is definately not my vibe lol
Can you Cook. What would you make PIM for Dinner?I was taught to cook from a young age.Im like kinda an expert cook πŸ™‚ he he. I will be more than happy to cook my famous chicken curry, a secret recipe πŸ™‚ yummy
Describe your day if you did not have your Blackberry/I phone/smartphone? I love to be outside. Relaxing by the Pool, tanning, yum Cocktail or picnic in the park.If it were a rainy day, Popcorn and movies and lets not forget my favourite….Milo.
What do you prefer on a guy.Boxers or Briefs? Def Briefs….soooooooo Hot.
Oh and what would you regard as the sexiest part of your body and a guys?I would say my eyes and the dimples in my lower back. A guy,definately his smile and his tummy and lets not forget the hands, can tell alot on a man by his hands.
What was the most bizarre and funny come on line that a guy has used on you? Funniest. He asked me if my eyelashes were fake.I said No they arent. He didnt believe me and asked me to close my eyes to see.I did so.He proceeded to steal a kissfrom me. πŸ™‚ Brave I must say stealing kisses What’s your favourite fashion brand? Guess
Favourite food? Curry or Sushi
Favourite perfume on a guy? Million Dollar by Paco Robbane or Jean Paul GautierΒ 
Favourite Perfume on you? Black XX or Givenchi Me
Favourite clubbing and Hangout? Icon,Nicci Beach or Taboo.
Favourite desert? Malva Pudding and custard and Lemon Marang
Dream Car? Bentley Sport coupe
A quote that you always live by?Everything you do and say, do and say with love
Favourite brand and colour of Lingerie? LA Senza, White
Favourite Holiday Destination? Thailand
Whats your take on friends with Benefits? I honestly feel that Intimacy should be shared with someone special, so not for me hey :). Although nothing wrong in kissing loads of people.
If you could be anyone famous,Who would you want to be and why? Cindy Crawford cause she is just amazing inside and out and my Gosh who wouldnt wanna be her, although I am happy being just little old me
Did you ever get propositioned by any famous Chap? Hell Yeah, Jonaid Carrera, One of South Africas hottest men.We dated for about 2 years πŸ™‚
How would you rate urself as a romantic? I am a hopless romantic but tend to embaress myself by saying silly things and even falling from time to time πŸ™‚
Whats your opinion about Lady Gaga? Ra Ra Oooh La La..She is awesome in the way she shocks the world πŸ™‚ Great Self Confidence Are you single? Yes-Riding Solo
What’s your ideal man? Manners, gentleman, mysterious, honest, loyal but where to find one πŸ™‚
If PIM had to take Kandra on a date. What would we have to do to blow your socks off lol? Picnic under the Stars with peach champaigne Where will we see you next(magazine /publication/tv? In the Playboy Magazine in October and India Fashion week FTV Channel Join Kandras Facebook Playboy Playmate Fan Page on the link below!/PlaymateMissOctober2011 And twitter @KandraVDBank
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