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PIM: Hi Jessica, thank you for gracing PIM.Tell us more about yourself? Are you a girl next door or Adrenaline junky?jessica: {Laughs} Definitely not an adrenaline junkie so I’d have to say your typical girl next door.
Tell us more about your modelling – How did it start?
My modelling career started off at the age of 15 / 16. I started off knowing absolutely nothing about the industry so it’s been a great learning experience for me.
I’ve featured for the Sin-til-late lingerie line, Make-up for NinaB make-up, a breast cancer awareness calendar as well as the Da Lago International calendar in 2009 and currently an FHM Top 20 model for 2011. I’ve done Fashion shows for Lee Cooper Jeans, Luxy Sensations lingerie, Pinne-Up lingerie and participated in competitions like Model Hunt Internatiol 2009 & cover search 2009 where I was placed a finalist for both.
PIM is honoured to have you! What are your ambitions and goals as a model? Where do you see yourself in ten years time?
Being a model is not as easy as most people would think it is. It involves a lot of hard work and 100% dedication. I’ve made a promise to myself in this industry – My work will always be classy and tasteful. I will always stay true to myself and others around me. I hope to see myself right at the top in this industry, The sky is my limit!
What do you like most about modelling? What do you like least?
{Laughs} Well there’s nothing I don’t like about modelling. This is a passion.
So you are part of the FHM MODELS 2011 Top 100. Tell us more about being in the top 100 in SA?
Im honoured to be a part of the FHM TOP 100, It’s a huge achievement for me. It’s been one crazy ride, but nothing I wouldn’t do all over again!
How do you fancy your chances? I see there’s some tough competition there?
I don’t compare myself or my work with the other models. We are all very different with different figures and different outlooks on life and the modelling industry. I challenge only myself and I truly do believe in myself. With that – I believe I can go far.
So suppose you win FHM MODELS Jessica you are probably on a stringent fitness regime. What are you doing to maintain that hot body?
{Laughs} I train 3 times a week, and eat 5 small meals a day. I motivate myself to eat right with this saying: ‘No food tastes as good as thin’ – Audrey Dippenaar.

Is there any one you would like to meet right now?
My biggest role model at the moment is Christina Aguilera. A lady of pure class and standards!
And if you were invisible for a day? Where would you want to be?
{Laughs} I’d be stalking some of my secret crushes!
So back to the FHM models. So is it tough? What have you been doing in terms of getting them votes? Give us a brief itenary on what you have to do to compete in this comp 100%. Are you doing a lot of shoots, promotions etc?
Promoting and marketing is an absolute MUST. You need your fans to help you in this competition to get anywhere. I’ve held various events of my own at FTV, News Café, Casablanca and Rhapsodies, I’ve designed banners, flyers and badges for my fans. I have my own promotional ladies too. Socialising and word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing you can do.
How would you entice readers to vote for you Jessica?
Well, how does a free photoshoot with me sound? {Laughs}
Your dream shoot…Pick a location, a theme?
Mozambique islands for the FHM Calander!
Oh and what would you regard as the sexiest part of your body and then a guys?
I always receive compliments for my eyes, my legs and my cute/cheeky smile. With regards to a guy, nothing better than a well-groomed man with a healthy lifestyle, a cute smile and a good maturity level.
Where can we find you on a typical weekend if you not doing a modelling shoot?
My weekends vary, but if you really wanted to find me – Edenvale is normally where I do my shopping.

What was the most bizarre and funny pick up line that a guy has used on you?
{Laughs} ‘Baby, you must be a broom, cause you just swept me off my feet.’
If you were a tour operator and had to entice people from around the World to visit South Africa, How would you promote it?
{Laughs} I’d have to be sharp at that one. Not any tourist would consider visiting South Africa with Lions and Elephants in our back yards, Haha!

Tell us about one talent that you have that we never able to guess?
I draw very well, Well I used to. Haven’t practised that skill for quite some time now.
What’s your favourite fashion brand? Guess and Levis
Your favourite Car: At the moment an Audi TT
Fav Food: ALL FOOD
Fav Drink: Strawberry Daiquiri
Fav perfume on guy: One in a million
Perfume on you: Chloe
Fav club: Taboo
Fav restaurant: Pigalle in Bedfordview
One wish you would like to come through? What’s a wish if I told you? {Laughs}
A quote that you always live by: ‘Never say you’ve reached your goal because then you stop working’
If we snuck into your bedroom, what could we find you sleeping in? Hot shorts and a spaghetti strapped t-shirt.
What type of music have you been listening too lately? Generally what plays on the radio.
Last movie you watched? Do reality TV shows count?
What do you do to feel sexy? Lingerie and hells is a definite fix!
Are you single? Yes – a newly single lady.
IF PIM had the power to create the perfect man, what type of features do you suggest we add :)?
Fairly well built, manly features, a good sense of humour, a good laugh and of course a killer smile!
If you had to kidnap any sportsman/celeb and take them to a remote island, who will it be?
Jude Law, What a romantic!
If PIM had to take u on a date .What do we have to do to blow your socks off and make you say Wow?
A three course meal at a restaurant of my choice & good conversation works for me.

JESSICA, A pleasure to have you on PIM. Best of luck with the Modelling career. Where will we see you next beside FHM Models 2011?
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