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PIM: Hi Jacqueline Thank you for gracing PIM………all the way from PE.Tell us more about yourself? Tell us more about your modeling. How did it start?jacqueline:Yes, I am from Port Elizabeth. I still live here.I started modeling when I was 10 years old, I entered a beauty pageant and came second. I stopped when I was 17 and now I’m back in FULL swing.

PIM is honored to have you! Your ambitions and goals as a model?I would love to win the FHM Model search for 2010. This will open so many doors for me as a model. In 10 years from now… I would love to do presenting or acting.

What do you like most about modeling? What do you like least?
I love meeting interesting and artistic people in the industry. I love the camera, it’s fun to flirt with it. I hate the fact that there is a stigma attached to ‘models’.
So you are part of the FHM MODELS 2010 Top 100. Tell us more about being in the top 100 in SA..How do you fancy your chances.I see theres some tough competition there?
There is major competition. Especially since I come from a smaller city. We don’t have as much exposure.
So suppose you win FHM MODELS Jacqueline, you are probably on a stringent fitness regime. What are you doing to maintain that hot bod?
Besides work and photo shoots, I gym and run. It’s a lifestyle of healthy eating and loads of training!!
Is there any one you would like to meet right now? And If you were invisible for a day? Where would you wanna be?
I would love to meet Nelson Mandela. He has made a huge impact on the world.
If I was invisible for a day, I would love to visit the Pentagon and the White House!!! Should be very juicy!

Back to the FHM models. So is it tough. What have you been doing in terms of getting them votes. Give us a brief itenary on what you have to do to compete in this comp 100%. Are you doing alot of shoots, promotions etc?
It is hectic. I go out every weekend to a club of choice and hand out voting cards. I have put up posters and I am constantly on the internet chatting to fans. Asking people you don’t know, to vote for you is a little tricky. I do a photo shoot every fortnight to keep fans interested and to build my portfolio.
My dream shoot would be in Thailand on a beach with a huge python. Very SEXY!Oh and what would you regard as the sexiest part of your body and
then a guys?
My favourite part on my body is my buttocks. A whole lotta booty 😉 On a guy, their back and stomach. Man lines!!
What was the most bizarre and funny come on line that a guy has used on you?.
It’s got to be…” Liewe vadar, jy’s mooi”. Very sad!
If you were a tour operator and had to entice people from around the World
to visit South Africa ,PE in particular. How would you promote it?
I would use the laid back atmosphere of P.E as a selling point. Our coastline is reknowned for whale watching, fishing, surfing and our golden sandy beaches. P.E is rich in heritage and hosts the Donkin Reserve, built in memory of Elizabeth Donkin, who Port Elizabeth was named after. Port Elizabeth’s Boardwalk Casino is a real tourist hit. Not only is it situated on one of the most popular beaches (Shark Rock), but it is made up of shop, kids rides and games, food stalls and even a cinema Stars*

Tell us one talent that you have:I can sing like an angel!

Whats ur favourite fashion brand: Versace
Your favourite Car: Audi R8Fav Food: Mom’s stew
Fav Drink: Sweet tea
Fav perfume on guy: David Beckham Eau de Toilette
Perfume on me:Jadore by Dior
Fav club:My parents club rocks, Pool City
Fav restaurant: Shannah’s Portuguese Restaurant, I am going there right after this;-)
One wish you would like to come through.?: I wish that I could be discovered by a Top modelling Agent!
A quote that you always live by: I don’t live by quotes, I make them up as I live my life.
If we snuck into your bedroom, what could we find you sleeping in?Haaa haaa, men’s boxers and a scruffy top that’s too short.
What type of music have you been listening too lately: I like Prime Circle’s new albumLast movie you watched?I watched Twilight, New Moon yesterday
What do you do to feel sexy? I dress up and go out to feel sexy!

Are you single? IF PIM had the power to create the perfect man. What
type of features do you suggest we add :)?
I am engaged
The perfect man must have a chiseled jaw and a body that’s extremely well built. When he smiles, his face must light up the world and he must be blond with blue/green eyes!
I don’t know what his name is but he is the model for Muk hair products. haa haa, they call him Muk Boy;-)
If PIM had to take u on a date .What do we have to do to blow your
socks off and make you say Wow?
You have to be yourself. Not arrogant or over confident. Just polite, well mannered and don’t forget to spoil me rotten!
What will you do if you win FHM MODELS 2010 and how important would
it be for you to win such an elusive competition?
This is VERY important to me! If I had to win… I’d die of shock!! then I’ll come back to life and show SA what SEXY really is!!!
Jacquelin.A pleasure to have you on PIM. Best of luck with the Modeling career……
Thank you PIM. You all ROCK!!

Your dream shoot…Pick a location, a theme ?

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vote as often as your day job allows:-)


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