FULL NAME: Ina-marie Visser
FROM: Pretoia
Favourite Sportsman: Francois Du Plessis (cricketer)
Favourite Team: Northern Titans
Favourite hangout : news cafe menlyn

PIM: Imari. what can I say. And with you gracing the blog in the middle of the week, gives us the pep to pull through and wait for the weekend.How do you handle the glamour of being a model.Someone as gorgeous as you must be swamped at every corner lol?
imari: well firstly i am not a model, i am trying to get into the modeling industry but have trouble getting into agencies because of my height. i do get some weird approaches from guys and usually when alcohol is involved men seem to have too much courage, but i usually get put off when people are upfront with me and confronts me and their intentions aren’t honourable.. i just walk away.

PIM: Models have to maintain that figure.Yours is awesome. How do you maintain it. If you could make any food or desert the caloric value of lettuce,What would that be?A chocolate desert maybe?Oh and what would you regard as the sexiest part of your body and a guys?
imari: like most woman i am not always happy with my body..its really hard living in a society where size zero is becoming more appealling. most days i just watch what i eat very closely as 80% of a person’s weight is governed by diet. i do try to gym every week and when i exercise i vary what i do in order to enjoy going to gym. i like group training. if any food can be without calories i’d definately want it to be pizza. when it comes to girls the sexiest part of a girl is any part accentuated in a way that leaves something for the imagination. when it comes to guys the first thing i notice is the eyes, it is like seeing a part of yourself in a man when you look into his eyes and feel at home, it is one quality that will always stay sexy. the eyes shows if someone is genuine and can tell you alot about the feellings a person has inside.

PIM: I love those pics. They different & sexy. Whats your favourite place in the world to get a shoot done?
imari: thank you, i personally havent had the ideal shoot that i am looking for. i am an artist and i want a photographer that can play with composition, colour, texture and direct me in order to set a mood for the shoot. the perfect place for a photo shoot for me would be something less cliche..i would love to shoot in an abandoned mansion or ruins like in the movie great expectations.

swoosh: Are you a Sportsfan. Any Sportsman you would like to spend a weekend in a cozy log cabin with snow capped mountains? Care to tell us why?How was the bok victory.?Where did you watch it and how was the atmosphere?
imari: any sports man i will have to say faf du plessis – he is sooo hot to be trapped in a cabin with in the alps but sadly he has got a great girlfriend.
The bok victory was spectacular and i am not even a big rugby fan. i was making mojitos for everyone and cheered so much. i watched the game with my parents and their friends because i just love how naughty they all are and i am not at home alot so i miss them.

PIM: If you were a footballers wive or WAG and he earned millions.Would you be the decision maker for which club he plays and stays OR would you support him and enjoy the booty,Fast cars,Shopping etc. In other words like Posh Spice.She makes decisions for Beckham if you know what I mean Lol
imari: funny enough i am dating a sportsman and i believe that no one knows whats best for a person but themselves, so i’ll always support and encourage my man but i don’t want his career to become my only priority and pride. i want to be independant and successful with a life of my own. i like being on the sidelines and be in a relationship where i can look up to my man because he is determined, ambitious and i dont have a shot at overshadowing him.

P.I.M:Tell us about one talent that you have that we never able to guess?
imari: my hidden talent is that i am musical..i have very good hearing and i can play the piano.

P.I.M: Fast Cars & Bikes? Which ones?Whats the most dangerous or daring thing that you have ever done?
imari: the most dangerous thing i have done…lets just say it has something to do with the cascade’s swimming pool at sun city very late at night.more naughty.

P.I.M: Favourite place to shop? love to shop at front cover in menlyn, guess and woolworths
Favourite restaurant,coffee shop?
my favourite restaurant is red tomato bistro in garsfontein pretoria because its small, intimate and the food is great
Have you ever eaten Indian Food? i have eated indian i love curry and very hot – vindaloo
Favourite Perfume on a guy and for yourself?
my favourite perfume is maxmara and coco madimoiselle, for guys i like D&G light blue, hypnose by lancome, issey miyake leau d’issey pour homme, dior homme, kitos and 211 by carolina herera. My list goes on forever, the fragrance needs to suit the person
Favourite clubbing and Hangout?
my favourite hangout place is news cafe menlyn as the people there are great!!
Favourite Lingerie Color?when i shop for lingerie the best place is la senza and black.

P.I.M: What would you never leave home without at an
y given time?
imari: i would never leave home without lipgloss.

P.I.M: Imari for our readers Are you single. I know we got the answer,But wel ask it.Whilst we on the topic.How important is a guys dress sense to you.? So we can spruce up and impress someone like you lol?
imari: i have been in a serious relationship for almost 2 years now and i love it. my boyfriend has a stunning dress sense and it is very important because you dont want to feel embarrassed by the man you are out with, invest in good basics, a great pair of jeans, brown leather belt,brown leather smart slops, a quality collar shirt, and good black or white t-shirt.

P.I.M: Lastly Imari. if you had three wishes. What would they be.Would you care to share them with us?
imari: wow wishing is a dangerous thing but if i had to wish things for my life i would wish a happy marriage, quality holidays, and longlasting youth.

P.I.M: Thanks Imari..Its been an absolute pleasure and we wish you all the Best in the future..And We will definitely see more of you on Poetry in Motion?And good luck with your
modelling career and career in general .Swoosh0018 & P.I.M wishes you the best of luck
imari: thanks you so much for taking an interest.enoy!

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