PIMS exclusive Interview with Gillian………….
Gillian.It is indeed a Pleasure to have you grace POETRY IN MOTION, And a warm Thanks. How did you get into modelling?When did it all begin for you?its my pleasure, was about 4 years ago,friends of mine were messing around and posting pics of me on some modelling sites,photographers started contacting me to do shoots…next thing i know,i have gone from tom boy to model,lol
Care to give us an insight or some background about urself?
well growing up with just boys,I became the real little tom boy,loved my sports,playing and watching(not like netball though,more bmx,superbikes,skateboards,rugby,cricket etc)was always fascinated with fashion and looking good though guess thats why i ended up here.
I love the pics. P.I.M has had raving reviews.And its an honour to have you as our Babe Of the Week. Is there a great deal of preparation that is needed both physically and mentally. Im sure there is?. How do you prepare for a shoot?Do you get nervous?
gill: preparation,definetlyyou have to make sure your body,skin and hair looks good on the day of the shootso you need to always be healthy cause you dont always know wen you will be callled for a big shoot.i no longer get nervous for shoots,mainly catwalk
Gillian.I love those beach pics.How do you stay in shape,Dont you get tempted to Indulge in all the other foods?
hehe,i love food and always will. if im tempted to eat something,i eat iti dont restrict myself luckily i got a high metabolism,and i love healthy foods,and drink loads of waterand i exercise about 4,5 times a week love the feeling i get after a good training session

If you had to choose any place in the world to do a shoot.Where would that destination be and WHY?any islands,where the water is crystal clear,beaches white,loads of palm trees and a gorgeous sunrise

Do you think the Boks will pull it off at the World Cup?What do you think of the squad that is chosen?
oh definetlyi support my boys all the way,they have it in them,they just need to stay focused.im happy with the team chosen,the boys all know each other plays and therefore builds confidence in the team

if you had to take any Male Sportsman for a weekend away to a private destination.Who will it be and Why?would have to be kimi raikkonen, I have always loved formula one and would love to find out what goes on in the races and heads and he is not bad looking,lol

Are you into Fast Cars,Superbikes or just a regular girl?
no regular girl here,love my fast cars and superbikes,actually know a few of the guys that race superbikes for sa
Your dream car and Bike?
 i have always loved the lotus elite,had pics of it on my wall wen i was a little girlfavourite bike, suzuki hayabusa gsx1300r,afterall it is tha fastest production bike on the planet
I know models love Shopping and trendy Hangouts. Are you any different. Where do you love to:
a) Shop?anywhere really,as long as i can shop,lol
b)favourite resturant?Casanova’s
c)Have you ever eaten Indian Food?If so Where and how was it?not a fan of spicey foods
d)place/hangout spot where you spend most of your time?relaxing at home
e)Place you love to party at?too many,lol. aruba,taboo,88,catwalk
f)What can you never leave home without at any given Cost? wearing sexy lingerie,lol
What do you feel the most comfortable in when you having a great time,I mean socially of course?Ok en err ……..non socially.Favourite color and brand of Lingerie?
socially,my jeans,boots and top,non socially ,nothing, black lasenza
You have met with us. Anything for our readers.Come on, Boost our ego?
always eager to please,now you dont find many men like that,hehe
Thanks Gillian for a lovely INTERVIEW. P.I.M wishes you all the best of luck and success. And once again WOW ,P.I.M: is proud to having you grace the blog…Before we leave,Just for our readers.Are you Single Lol?You dont have to answer Lol.
 hehe,yes im happily single
Ok Gillian.Good Luck with the future shoots

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