“Nothing is worth wining if u dont have to fight for it.”

Describe yourself in 10 words or less? I love art, I write and read poetry, Im loving and caring, people know me as the kind arty deep girl. This is a huge shocker but I used to ride offroad bikes and quads so Im a bit of a tomboy. I dont take life or myself to serious. Life has hurt but I wouldnt change it because that hurt made me wise and the woman I am today. Im also studying towards my Directing Fellowship degree.
Who do you admire most in life? Its good to have role models, but I believe once you start to admire someone you automatically try to be like them and act like them and thats not right. You should be your unique self. We all are our own admirers, we just to scared to believe it because we are told they are better than us but no one is better than anyone. We all can teach each other different new things.
What’s the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? The way they handle themselves and think and how they see things so differently.
What do you love most about SA? The art and characters we have here its different and screams unique and out of the box thinking
Oh and what would you regard as the sexiest part on a guy’s body? And on Your Body….. guys body chest and arms if i have to choose but really the way he looks at you and touches you.
On me? Do I have to choose? on me i would say my stomach hahahahahahha worked hard getting that six pack well almost six pack.
If we snuck into your bedroom, what could we find you sleeping in? Oversized t shirt and panties or hot pants
Describe your day if you did not have your Blackberry/I phone/smartphone? Get up work out get Hayley my daughter ready for school.
Study and working. Go fetch Hayley make dinner bath time. Time with my daughter and then movies and falling asleep. Eating alot in between I love food hahahahahaha
What’s the easiest way for a guy get your attention? Hahahahaha there is no easy way. Earn my trust first.
What do you prefer on a guy. Boxers or Briefs? Boxers.
What’s your Favourite Color Underwear: black red and purple
What’s your favourite Sports teams? Rugby WP.hahahahahahahahaha
Quote You Always Live By?Nothing is worth wining if u dont have to fight for it.
Where Can we Find You On? (example,tv,radio magazine,social media

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