P.I.M caught up with Chenaye and enjoyed the Interview
P.I.M: Thanks Chenaye for gracing the blog and Poetry in motion. Its an absolute pleasure having you on the blog. So when did it all begin for you?How did you get into modelling?
chenaye: The whole modeling thing started when i was 16.. I was approched by a cape town agency and ever since then it’s been great LOL
P.I.M: Those pics are stunning?How do you keep in shape and maintain such a hot body.Any dietry or exercise advise for our readers?
chenaye: Thanks…:) I absolutely love going to gym but hardly have time now days so I try drink laods of water and eat stacks of fruit!

P.I.M Chenaye, im sure you have done shoots at different places. What place stands out for you the most. Let me put it to you this way. If you had to choose any place for a shoot.Where will it be?chenaye: Well the most awesome shoot I’ve ever done would be for police shades…very sexy… Place I’d love to shoot at would definitely be some tropical island with a gorgeous sunset…think sports illustated…BRING IT ON LOL

P.I.M: If you could kidnap any male sportsman for a weekend away. Where would you take him?And Why?
chenaye: Ummmmmm………….

P.I.M: Would you swop PE FOR JHB?How is the night life in P.E?chenaye: PE night life has nothing on Joburg although the beach vibe rocks throughout the year…. I would definitely move to Joburg to further my carrer but my heart will always be in PE:)
P.I.M: Are you a fast Bikes and Fast Cars type of a girl or just a plain Jane?If you are whats ur fav car & bike?chenaye: I hate fast cars and bikes!!!
P.I.M: Whats you favourite place to shop and the piece of clothing you never leave home without?My fav shopping place would be…. anywhere that has beautifull shoes and accessories!!! I LOVE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!

b)Favourite resturant ?Fav resturant…anywher thai
c) Favourite brand of Underwear?and color of course? that’s a secret!!!d) Favourite Hang Out Spot? Anywhere with sand , waves, cocktails and good music

P.I.M: Lastly Chenaye.Thanks do much for the Interview and gracing the Blog. But for our readers out there. Are you Single Hun? You dont have to answer Lol?chenaye: hahaha I am so not single..taken.. sorry boys lol 😉

 P.I.M: Do you own a pair of Nikes?I hope you do.What piece of clothing do you feel most comfortable with?Say if you were on a casual date aat the movies.Whats your favourite Perfume for yourself and On A gUY?

chenaye: dont own anything fom nike but got loads of PUMA…I LIKE PUMA:) Feel best in a sexy fitted pair of jeans and a vest with a pair of puma sneakers.Fav perfume on a guy would be BVALGARI…the white one:)
chenaye: I could never leave home without my handbag……what girl could??

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