PIM: Carmen, Wow,I have seen your latest pictures.They are really hot.So how did it all begin for you. How did you get into modelling?
carmen: Thanks I am so glad you like what you see, I fell into modelling by accident actually, we were doing a promo and the photographers were just snapping away… I got a card from a guy who did time for print and that is where it all started to unfold, I have been at it ever since and this is going back about 5 years.
Were you at all nervous for your first shoot,knowing you going to be splattered around the media,magazines and Internet?How was the feeling and anxiety?
I wont lie it was a bit weird at first but I find that if you are working with a great photographer he can make you feel comfortable in your first 5 minutes of meeting and I must say that I have not experienced anxiety in a long while during the shoots.
Is there a great deal of preparation that is needed both physically and mentally. Im sure there is?
When I first started I did not prepare myself and with that did not get the results I expected. When I do shoots now I make sure that I have every thing I need from props to make up artists and that I have more or less in mind of what I want the poses to be like.
Jeez, Carmen to have such a gorgeous and hot body,Im sure there is a great deal of work that goes in. For Instance a rigid training regime, A healthy diet. Hell I want a six pack but I have a freakin case. Would you care to share this information with the Blog?
Best way to maintain a great Bod? I play action netball once a week and that’s about as much exercise as I get but two weeks before a shoot I take two table spoons of apple cidar vinegar every morning and loads of fruit and veggies and water that brings me down quick enough to look good for the shoot.
Im sure you have had photo shoots in exotic locations both locally and Internationally. Which places are truely Sublime and that you had the most fun at?
My favourite place that I have shot at was Sun City it has such beautiful scenery and to be honest any beach with a sunrise and sunset makes for the most breathtaking pics. I love to be around nature as that is the most natural breathtaking setting
Ive grown to know that you love Motor Racing,and I seen your Hottie Pit Babe Pictures. Are you a Speed Junkie,Superbikes,Drag Cars or you just have the passion for the Sport on the whole? Whats your take on formula 1 Post Shumi, And The Springbok logo being ditched. I mean thats the heart of SA Rugby and Sports?
I am crazy about motor racing and yes I am a definite speed junkie its just something about you and that power of the car beneath you that just makes you feel so alive… I love superbikes, drag racing and my ultimate favourite machine is the jet car “oh baby”. Formula 1 has to take their hats off to schumi the boy had what it took the drive the passion and a damn quick machine beneath but the next champion is definitely Hamilton you gotta give it to the youngster if you good you good. The springbok logo runs deep in south Africans veins and to strip us of that would be the biggest crime …. We are connected as one during our sports and we are proud of our springboks so why mess with the perfect mixture?
I agree.Have you read “JET FUEL ONLY ” on my Blog. Its a weekly post,LOL?
I have not read it and feel highly guilty about it but will make sure I go check it out.
Carmen This I have to ask. Are you a Football Fan,Which team do you support and Who is your favourite Soccer Player?
Yes I am definitely a football fan and I am a full blooded supporter of the ARSENAL team, My favourite player has got to be Robin Van Persie
If there was any male sportsman today that you would like to kidnap you for a romantic weekend of Candle lit Samoosa’s and Wine. Just Kidding. A romantic weekend in the Bahamas. Who would it be?
My favourite sportsman would have to be Victor Matfield mmmm yummy that boy is a hottie and he could sneak me away to a private game reserve anyday.
I know models love Shopping and trendy Hangouts. Are you any different. Where do you love to:
a) Shop? Xogo cresta
b)favourite resturant? Adega bedfordview
c)Have you ever eaten Indian Food?If so Where and how was it? I Love Indian food …. rotti is one of my favourites a friend of mine makes and brings to work…how can you not enjoy such a wonderful dish like thatc)
d)place/hangout spot where you spend most of your time? I’m usually at the motor racing events at Wes bank.
e)Place you love to party at? Manhattans, news café and keegans11.
While we on the subject of food. Carmen Have you ever eaten Ackhalwas Fast Foods. Its probably the best form of Indian Fast Food. Not Good for the Figure though. But if you have been to Fordsburg or Lenz and not had this its equivillant of going to the Egypt and not seeing the Pyrymads?
MMMM nope I have not eaten there and I been to lenz a few times I will make sure to stop and try it out next time I’m at the car show there.
Im sure as a model you must be meeting loads of personalities and famous Celebs.Wear Awesome Clothes. Is it all that its made out to be?Is it living the Vida Loca?
actually I don’t meet a lot of celebs I don’t care much for people who live in the clouds, I am as relaxed as they come I live in my jeans and tekkies and hangout with normal awesome people. I believe in just being me I suppose most celebs do live the vida loca but this lady does’nt.
Also Im sure that you have tons of guys hitting on you. How do you cope with it,Ward them off. Any tips to our female readers?
I have a few admirers I talk to each one and if they are rude I block them and move on….. ladies always be polite and honest never stuck up I give each person my time you never know when u could learn something from them.
I see that you involved in a relationship.Lucky Guy and sorry to my readers.Just thought Id mention that. Would you care to share with us some of the popular magaizines,media,websites that you have been showcased on so our readers can see more sizzling pics?
Yeh sorry guys been with my guy for about 9 years now and yes I am happy and blessed. I am on
http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=719600363 and on http://myspace.com/fhmhomegrownhoney
and the other site is: www.blueworld.co.za/sincerest storm
Carmen,I hope you own a pair of Nikes. My nickname is “Swoosh” you know and it would be painfull to know that a hottie like you doesnt own a pair of Nike’s. What do you feel the most comfortable in when you having a great time,I mean socially of course?Ok en err ……..non socially if you also.Favourite color and brand of Lingerie?
I definitely own a pair of Nikes action netball is no joke….. I feel most comfortable in my trusty pair of jeans very relaxed kind of girl. My favourite colour is baby blue and two brands of lingerie I love very much is Temptations and Le Senza ….
Im sure modelling has the lighter side to it.Could you perhaps share with the blog one of them,An embarassing or Light hearted Moment you have encountered?
There are loads of embarrassing moments in every models career, I slipped off a rock while trying to get the perfect pose and the photographer caught each facial expression and movement on film “blackmail” material lol….. You just gotta laugh it off and try again.
Since you love Motor Sport so much,Would you care to share with us the following.What Is your Dream Car?
My dream car is the koenigsegg ccx followed by the Pagani Zonda F – both in silver.
And Dream Bike? I love a babe in leathers on a Ducati 999.? I love the Ducati 996
Could you perhaps give any tips to young aspiring readers wanting to be Hot,sizzling models or BADAAMS as we call it on my Blog. Any strong advise or steps to take CARMEN?
If you would like to start somewhere post a pic of yourself on modelbase.co.za and in your profile state that you would like to build up a portfolio, you will definitely receive a warm response and that is about a good a place to start as any.
Thank you CARMEN for this wonderful Interview. Swoosh0018 will continue to support you and root for you in future events.We wish you all the best for the future and If you know any Hot Models that have never tasted spicy Indian Food or Ackalwaya’s Lol,Swoosh0018 will ensure that they do….
Until Next time.Mwha and All the Best
Also vote for her on www.zoo.co.za cleavage quest please.
Needs no Introduction.Carmen Pretorius is this weeks Badaam(Hottie)
*PIM would like to pay tribute to Carmen Pretorious. Carmen was the first model to be feayured way back on the 2 July 2007. Above is that very same interview when Carmen was featured. Since then PIM has grown and we would like to say A Special Thank You to Carmen Pretorius for being the first to grace PIM When it started. Thanks Again Carmen and all the Best in the Future

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