PIM: Candice Brink.You are truely Poetry in Motion.We seen you in FHM Models… How did the journey begin. Where have your exploits taken you….. Tell Tell?
candice: I am fairly new to the South African modeling scene but I must say that I am enjoying it thoroughly. It began when I sent through my picturess to FHM actually so far I have done a few campaigns and Shows…I’m taking it one step at a time and taking advantage of every opportunity that comes my way.
Swashbuckling adventure,Quad Bikes, Energy of the party and an overwhelming passion of the outdoors..Tell us about this passion Candice.?
I have no fear I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing…I am a bit of a self proclaimed adrenaline junkie.I’ve got to have action & excitement in my life.
What are some of your goals of being a model.Where would you want to be in ten years time?
Well I have many goals as far as modeling is concerned. At the moment I am working at establishing myself in S.A., I want people to start sitting up and taking notice, cause the truth is I’m not going anywhere any time soon!
In ten years I would love to have a successful career in the entertainment business (as acting is my Ultimate Passion). I would like “Candice Brink” to be recognized internationally as a sought after brand as there are many sectors I still want to dabble in E.g.: Fashion, fragrance etc.
Actually I plan to release my own line of couture tee’s (T-Shirts) before the end of the year as well as well as launch my official brand.
PIM understands that you are always commuting between SA and Europe. Tell us about the different cultures abroad and how it impacts your modelling. We hope its just commuting and you will return forever for good old Castle and Boerewors 🙂
I have a passion for travelling one of my goals in life to see every corner of the globe. How do u know where u Ultimately want to be if u haven’t seen it all???
I love experiencing the different cultures – u will find some u love and some u don’t – I was very protected until I started venturing out into the world.
Being able to be in different parts of the world can be great for your modeling career, it is also easier to work with the best people in the business.
S.A. will always be my home I love it here & I am defiantly a JOZI girl @ heart, that’s probably why I am always up and down – I’m undecided about where I want to be and I’m young there is no reason to chose for now I will have “BOTH”.
Candice…anything you’d like to say. A message for our readers to entice them to vote for you?I see you are entering a few comps..
I am currently involved in two projects both of which have amazing opportunities for me as a model…so it would be absolutely amazing if the readers did get involved!!!!
The first one is the yearly FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the world IssueYou can vote for me by clicking on this link
and typing my name in the 10 available slots and then clicking VOTE!!!!
Or by texting “Candice Brink” to 34973
There are amazing prizes to be won and it literally takes a min so go check it out.

Secondly the Sports Illustrated Model Search
Just click on this link
and S-P-A-N-K my hot button as many times as u possibly can. he he
These are both great opportunities but it’s up to you to get me there PIM readers!!!
So go ahead and make my dreams come true – Much Love xoxo

Speaking of which. What’s a typical day in the life of Candice Brink?
Ha Ha I’m pretty normal I get up at about 7am(depending on how many times I press snooze).
I have a cup of coffee (Do not talk to me before this I may Eat u!!)
I Check my mails and plan my day, then I head off to the office LIn the evenings I hit the gym and then I usually go out with friends – I’M NEVER HOME EVA – Where ever the party is I’m there.
If I am home I’m catching up on Grays or Desperate housewives – it will be pre-recorded because I loathe adverts.I am studying at the moment so I fit that in too along with everything else too!!!
PIM: If you could cook PIM any meal and desert to blow us away…What would that be?I’m a really good cook actually….I would cook my famous Pasta!!!
For Dessert: Chocolate covered strawberries & Apple Pie.I have cooked this exact meal for someone Special before and he loved it!!!!
If you had to have KIDNAP any sportsman/celeb, who would that be ha ha?
Josh Hartnett….his absolutely gorgeous.
Your dream shoot…Pick a location, a theme ?
Theme: Diamonds & Pearls
Location: The Dessert.
Oh and what would you regard as the sexiest part of your body and a guys? 🙂
Mine: My Eyes.A Guys: It’s random but his Neck…it’s always a lot of fun to kiss a soft, sexy neck!
What was the most bizarre and funny come on line that a guy has used on You?
A guy once came up to me and asked me what I would like for breakfast the following morning.
A little presumptuous but not totally cheesy!!!
2010…in SA…UR THOUGHTS..How do you think we will handle it, Are you optimistic about SA and the future in retrospect to the economy, change of presidency etc? Let me put it this way. If you were president of this country. What would you change NOW!
I would defiantly clamp down on corruption and the unnecessary personal spending of the members of the ruling party.
I would put more focus on stopping crime in SA so citizens as well tourists have peace of mind.
As long as people continue to be educated , yes I do think South Africa has a bright future ahead!!!
I am extremely optimistic about the 2010 World Cup, it is an amazing opportunity for us and I’m backing Bafana all the way!!!
Are you positive about SA……
Extremely it’s my Country and def one of the most beautiful in the world at that.
You are a dancer. If you had to create a dance for SA and the World cup , What would it entail 🙂
Well I would have so much to work with as far as incorporating all the different cultures in our wonderful country has to offer.
It would be one of a kind, I wouldn’t just be a dance it would be an exhibition of all the amazing talent in South Africa.
There would be lots of color, fireworks etc.
The aim would be to leave the world shocked.
“How would you entice people from around the world to visit SA…?
What I do is to encourage people to travel to our Country when I am abroad and tell them about all the wonderful things we have to offer E.g.: The Kruger Park, Biltong , Braai’s and the fantastic weather.
We have a lot to offer and there is a lot to do here we just have to be as positive and possible about our young Country.
Tell us about one talent that you have that we never able to guess?
I write poetry, nothing I want to get published. Rather than keeping a journal, I do that…to me it’s much more creative. I write about personal experiences…I have been doing it for about nine years, it keeps me sane.
What’s your favourite fashion brand :Wow, there are to many to mention.
South African Brand: Bangs and Lipstick &  Rocket fuel
Internationally: The row (By Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson) and Lipsy London
If you had a million rand, What would be your first purchase? A ticket around the world!!!
Favorite Food and Drink:
To Drink – Stoney’s Ginger Beer or Starbucks, two of my many vices!!
To Eat – Anything Mexican, KFC & Subway .
If you had to get someone drunk quickly, What would you order them at the bar he he?
Flaming Lamborghini x 2 in row.
Favorite perfume on you: Tom Ford Black Orchid
One wish you would like to come through?
 Right now I would love to be featured in FHM SA’s 100 Sexiest women in the world issue!!!
A quote that you always live by:
The bigger the challenge the greater the opportunity.
If we snuck into your bedroom, what could we find you sleeping in?A tank top and snoopy PJ Bottoms.
What type of music have you been listening too lately:
Last movie you watched? “Remember Me”- What a good movie but so sad
Robbie Patz is just delicious – I like how they make British boys 🙂
What do you do to feel sexy?
I secretly wear lingerie, even is no one is going see it- it’s like a sexy little secret that empowers u!!!
Would you say a woman can learn how to be a model, or modeling is something in the genes? You have it or you don’t have it at all? Why do you think so?
I think that if you really want something you will get it no matter what, these days many people offer model training which can teach u certain skills and give you more confidence but ultimately the more professional experience u have the better you get.
….but yes it does help if u do have something Extra to offer.
If you could be anyone famous in the World today, who would you want to be and Why?
Kimora Lee Simons – Just for one day though
She does it all ….I want to know how ,so I can use all her secrets to success.
Are you single? Whilst we on the topic, How important is a guy’s dress sense to you? So PIM can spruce up and impress someone like you. What’s your ideal man?
 I prefer not to discuss my personal life but if you have to know there is a special person in my life at the moment. My interest in a guy is not based on the way he dresses but he has to be presentable.
I do love it when a guy knows how to put a great outfit together and looks good it’s def a perk.
Every guy should have suit that he looks like a Billlion Dollars in.
My ideal man is someone who just gets me, he must make me laugh , his my best friend but still mysterious.
If Candice Brink wanted to impress PIM, What would you do to blow PIM oway on a date….Details please,,,from dressing up to activities
I would take the guy in question to a Skid pad where he could pick the sports car of his choice and go crazy for a couple of hours.
While he was doing that I would be getting ready for our date & I would pull out the stops for this one.
Little Black Dress, Heels, lingerie etc.
The date would be at his favorite restaurant but if I really liked him I would cook for him @ MY PLACE……
Good luck Candice.PIM wishes all the success in the future

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