“Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.”-Charles Reade
Hi Basia Great to have you on PIM.You are Polish and no 28 in 2010s FHMS 100 Most sexiest!How did u end up in SA.Tell us more about urself?
Thank you for having me. How I landed up in South Africa is a very interesting but a long story so to keep it very short my parents wanted a better life for me so when I was 8 years old my parents and I moved to Germany (West Germany) we lived there for 3.5 years and then we came here. I have also lived a year in England and Chile, South America. South Africa is my home.
What are some of the high’s and low’s in your modelling career thus far, Great experiences to share?
The highs – there have been many, I love photoshoots and that is one of my best ways to spend my day is having a photoshoot, some people consider that work for me it is fun, I love it, I have been blessed that all the people I met behind the scenes have been amazing. To have been voted number 28 on the 2010 FHM 100 most sexiest women in the world as a new entry was incredible especially since I have been buying FHM magazine since it started in South Africa. It is always an honour to work and feature in the FHM.
What dedication and discipline does it take to become a model. How do you keep that fit.Care to share your exercise and fitness routine?
You have to watch your body and skin but I do not see that as a dedication or discipline but something that everyone should be doing whether they are in this industry or not. I eat everything in moderation and exercise 3 – 4 times a week but when I know there is a shoot coming up I will work harder. I do cardio 30 – 45min, and do weights I go horseriding whenever I can.
What are some of your goals of being a model and where would you want to be in ten years time?
Do more shoots for FHM ? An FHM cover would be amazing for them 😉 and for me. More photoshoots, magazine covers and to work with more amazing photographers. Getting a great agent in Poland. Would love to do the Woolworths campaign love them always girly, sexy and fun and Temptation campaign as well as Queenspark campaign are always beautiful and my favourite, Jo Brokett I always have to go into the store love their quality. As for magazine shoots the Cosmopolitan covers are always outstanding
How does it feel to be one of the FHM 100 most sexiest Women in the World.?
I feel very honoured but not different it is not as if you wake up and think I am one of the most sexiest women in the world. Sure there are instances where a fan comes up and asks you questions or had to sign few FHM magazines I even had to send one as far as Jamaica but you do not feel different that does not define who you are, you should always be humble and greatful.
We see you have entered this year. What have you been doing in this campaign to muster up some votes?
Once you on the list your name is automatically on their website to vote I have not done any campaigns so maybe I should do now 2 days to go so VOTE VOTE VOTE 😉
Do you feel that being number 28 in FHM 100 MOST sexiest has opened up many doors for you in the modellling world. I mean statisticly you are 100 most sexiest in the SA Edition.Thats a mean acccomplishemnt?
Yes that is an accomplishment and I am greatful for it.
Any major modelling competitions or shoots you involved in at the moment?
I suppose to have gone to the States last year for some shoots but because of an important casting I delayed my trip so if all goes well I will be going this year. I have some local shoots planned they are upcoming towards the end of the month.
What’s a typical day in the life of Basia?
Now I wake up at 4:30 yes that is right and that is due to my new 8 week Jack Russell puppy he wakes me up so have to go and let him out and give him his food he is so naughty but so clever, then I go back to bed and hopefully I sleep for another 2 hours then I go to gym. If I have no shoots or castings I go to my office I am involved in Property Development and Construction so if you have any projects out there give me a call ? At night usually have people over for dinner or movies love entertaining.
If you had to cook PIM a traditional Polish meal.What would that be.
A traditional meal would be Bigos or Pierogi or Kotlet schabowy, but everyone comes for my Spaghetti Bolognese and Curry they say it is the best so I probably would make Spaghetti Bolognese. I love cooking.
If you had to have KIDNAP any sportsman/celeb who would that be?
I have met many Sportsman and celebrities but they are just normal people like you and me the difference is there are more known and have bigger pay cheques ha ha I have been fortunate enough to have wined, dinned and partied with some of the Hollywood A-lists especially during the World Cup so I got to know them who they are as people.
I do not think I would like to kidnap any of them …let me think I rather kidnap Roman Abramovich because I read his book and would like to find out more or Maciej Gracjan Zako?cielny he counts cause he is an Actor and is in my favourite Polish movie – Tylko mnie kochaj which means Love only me
Your dream shoot, pick a location, a theme ?
Dream shoot would be somewhere exotic an island. A international dream campaign would be GUESS oh so very sexy and classic and PETA campaign I am an animal lover and their campaigns are beautiful.
Whats your thoughts of PLAYBOY Magazine now in SA. How do you feel about the PLAYBOY BRAND?Is there a right or a wrong answer? Ha ha Great that it is back. I think South Africans are so much more conservative than Europeans and Americans which is fine but I believe that there is a market for Playboy here and it is individual choice if someone buys the magazine it should be available. Women are beautiful and should be celebrate in clothes and clothes off 😉 As my friends and family know I have been invited twice to the Playboy Mansion over the past year but have not gone there yet 😉
Oh and what would you regard as the sexiest part of your body and a guys?
Sexiest part of my body hmmm …. my eyes because my eye colour is different it is green-gold, my stomach and belly button but my favourite is my mind ? As for guys I think their mind is the sexiest, their wit if it has to be physical than I would say eyes.
What’s your favourite fashion brand : Local I love YDE, Jo Brokett and Woolworths
If you had a million rand, What would be your first purchase? Land but a million would not be enough, my dream car is a Bentley and again a million would not be enough ha ha so I would buy my Dad a new car and would take some of the special people in my life and book a great trip to few countries so we could have fun, create memories and take loads of photos
Favorite Food and Drink? I love food especially chocolate hmmm does that fall under food or junk food ha ha to me it is food 😉 not much can beat a good chocolate – Ferrero Rocher are my favourite but one of my best friends Liza introduced me to the Bar One cheese cake from Tasha’s it is delicious as for a drink I am very simple I love my mineral water
Favorite perfume on you? There are few depends on my mood by the two favourites are Angel by Thierry Mugler or Amor Amor by Cacharel
Favourite perfume on a guy? Most Hugo Boss smell delicious do not have a favourite
Favourite Club or Hangout? Taboo and Modiva but the top hang out is my home ?
Favourite Lingerie Colour? Lingerie is one of my addictions so can hard to chose one colour, black, white, blue, pink love them all but it would have to be black.
One wish you would like to come true? It is a secret shhhh can not say because then it might not come true 😉
What type of music have you been listening to lately? LOVE MUSIC, all kinds. MTV is on most of the time. In my car at the moment is Tinie Tempah, Jamie Cullum – Don’t stop the music love that song, Ciara, Flash  Republic,Goldfish,Just Ginger, Crazy White Boy and Lil Wayne…. there are too many to mentions
Favourite song at the moment: Snoop Dog – Wet
Last movie you watched? The Town with Ben Affleck he also directed the movie
What do you do to feel sexy? Sexiness comes from inside so when a person is comfortable in their own skin which I am you feel sexy but music can also make you feel sexy
If you could be anyone famous in the World today, who would you want to be and Why?
I would want to be ME with Oprah Winfrey’s bank account 🙂
What would you say is the best thing about South Africa and Poland.?
I have not been in Poland since Communism so a trip is long over due I would say the best thing about South Africa is the weather, the people and the scenery and about Poland are the people and the Architecture
Are you single? No
Whilst we on the topic, How important is a guy’s dress sense to you? It is important for a guy to dress well but it is not the most important thing a guy needs to be confident, he needs to feel comfortable with what he wears otherwise it will show. There is nothing sexy if a guy pretends to be someone he is not.
So PIM can spruce up and impress someone like you. What’s your ideal man?
Ideal man … does he exist? Ha ha just joking My ideal man is someone that has a great mind, is witty, has a sense of humour, respectful, caring, and loves animals could not date anyone that does not love animals especially dogs
If Basia wanted to impress PIM on a date.What would you do. Details please from dressing up to activities
You should be impressed already ha ha
Thank you so much Basia. Best of Luck.

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