“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief she is beautiful.”-Sophia Loren
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PIM: Hi Ana. Great to have you on PIM.We believe you Serbian. How did u end up in SA.Tell us more about urself?
Yes I am. I was born in Belgrade and I moved to South Africa in 1994 with my parents.
You were 95? FHM 100 Most Sexiest last year but more on that later.What are some of the high’s and low’s in your modelling career thus far, Great experiences to share?What dedication and discipline does it take to become a model. How do you keep that fit.Care to share your exercise and fitness routine?A big high would definately be shooting the FHM Calendar 2010. We shot at Reunion Island. An absolutely beautiful place, met some wonderful people we got some great shots and it was just over all an awesome experience. Lows I guess would be going to endless amount of castings – but hey it’s part of the job.
I definitely think it takes a lot of discipline and dedication as with any job you are passionate about.
For fitness – I do kung -fu. I have been training for over 13 years now and became a Si-Fu last year. I also gym and have very recently started pole-dancing. It is quite an intense work out, it builds quite a lot of muscles especially in your arms and it also looks very pretty 🙂
What are some of your goals of being a model and where would you want to be in ten years time?My goals would be just to further it as much as possible. I would love to do some major campaigns and some international stuff.
In 10 years – I would love to have featured in a few feature films. I finished studying Acting at AFDA Film School JHB. Acting is my first love.
How does it feel to be one of the FHM 100 most sexiest Women in the World?
I feel really honoured to have made it on the list for 2010. It’s a very good feeling.
We see you have entered this year. What have you been doing in this campaign to muster up some votes?Do you feel that being number 95th in FHM 100 MOST sexiest has opened up many doors for you in the modellling world. I mean statisticly you are 100 most sexiest in the SA Edition.Thats a mean acccomplishemnt?
I have just been trying to spread the word as much as I can to get people to vote. Facebook, Twitter, emails and all that. Social Network sites make things a lot easier these days.
Yes it is quite an accomplishment and something I am very proud of.
What’s a typical day in the life of Ana?I am modelling and acting full time at the moment, so I don’t need to wake up too early unless I have an early shoot.
I spend some time with my doggy, I have a beautiful St. Bernard. His name is Beethoven :). If there is a casting then I go to that.
I usually cook dinner. I love cooking. And twice a week I go to kung-fu and to dancing class.
If you had to KIDNAP any sportsman/celeb who would that be?
It would probably have to be Anthony Hopkins. I would love to pick his brain, I think he is one of, or the most brilliant actor out there.
Your dream shoot, pick a location, a theme?I don’t have a specific dream location, but anything that would require travel and somewhere I’ve never been before. I love travelling more than anything, I think it opens your eyes and your mind up to many other things and just changes your perspective on everything. So anywhere I haven’t been before would be a dream location to me. Theme – with that I also like trying out new things. I guess no shoot will ever be exactly the same as another, so something very high fashion, something like a Vogue shoot would be great.
Whats your thoughts of PLAYBOY Magazine now in SA. How do you feel about the PLAYBOY BRAND?I think it’s absolutely great that Playboy has re-launched in SA. I’m not sure that posing nude for Playboy is something I would consider but nontheless it’s definitely a great brand.
Oh and what would you regard as the sexiest part of your body and a guys?Just overall I am quite toned. So I like the fact that I have a bit of muscle on me.
A guy – would have to be a smile. Nothing quite gets to me as a sexy smile.
What’s your favourite fashion brand : At the moment definitely Mango and Rene Mariane.
If you had a million rand, What would be your first purchase? A sports car.
Favorite Food and Drink? I LOVE food so that’s a bit of a hard one, but if I had to choose, then lasagne. Drink – Appletizer, alcoholic drink – wine.
If you had to get someone drunk quickly, what would you order them at the bar ? Tequila. Since it’s for someone else ;). I don’t do Tequila.
Favorite perfume on you? Dolce & Gabbana. The One.
Favourite perfume on a guy? Carolina Herrera.
Favourite Club or Hangout? Wherever my friends are.
Favourite Lingerie Colour? Black.
A quote that you always live by?”I actually have a Friedrich Nietzsche quote tattooed on my foot – “We have art to save ourselves from the truth”
But another one that I love would be “If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads”.
What type of music have you been listening to lately?I’ve always loved my rock. So there’s never a lack of listening to it with me.
Otherwise all the new stuff they’ve been playing on the radio – I’ve been really enjoying it.
Favourite song at the moment: Born This Way and I Need A Doctor
Last movie you watched? The Rite
What do you do to feel sexy?Perfume. Perfume makes any woman feel sexier.
What would you say is the best thing about South Africa and Serbia?
South Africa – the lifestyle. I like how we live here and for the most part I think we have it pretty good. Otherwise, the wild life. I’m a big animal lover so always enjoy going to our game reserves.
Serbia – the night life. Serbia has an amazing night life. I actually think Belgrade was voted 2nd in the world for the best night life. There’s also not much crime in Belgrade. You’re pretty much safe even if you’re walking around by yourself in the middle of the night.
Are you single?He he. No I am not.
Whilst we on the topic, How important is a guy’s dress sense to you?Pretty important. Doesn’t have to be a specific style, but just as long as it looks good and suits him.
So PIM can spruce up and impress someone like you. What’s your ideal man?Hardworking and honest. And good looking 😉
If Ana wanted to impress PIM on a date.What would you do. Detials please from dressing up to activities?Just a good outfit, sexy heels and perfume 🙂
For activities maybe a nice dinner at a good restaurant and some dancing afterwards.

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