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PIM:Aamz  Thank you for gracing PIM. . Firstly tell our readers more about yourself? Aamz: Well firstly im just your Girl next door… very loving, humble..  and down to earth! Im studying Law and will be studying further to be a pediatrician. Ive also been modelling for almost 5 years… and love it!
Im very passionate and enjoy the finer things in life…. I love playing games whether its Xbox or ps3 or Wii or even game Arcades 😛 … i love outdoor fun … actually i just always tend to have fun no matter what! I guess my character is very old fashion in a way! hehe..
You the May 2012 Playmate in playboy South Africa. How was the Playboy experience? It was great 🙂 … really something different yet exciting for myself… But at the end the end of the day… im still me… i havent changed who i am 🙂
How would you say PLAYBOY SA has taken on in our shores? They Back!! and they back with a BANG! lol … Seriously though… For those who is sitting on the edge…. pick up the mag.. read it.. its so much more than just a magazine…! Like they say..dont judge a book by its cover… Playboy SA has so much to offer…
Were you nervous to bare all during the shoot. How was the shooting experience and screening process. Im sure its tough hey? Ofcourse I was nervous at first, as its my first shoot ever to expose as much as i did… however… My photographer, Paulo Posterino, was very professional and made me feel comfortable and at all went well and i had fun.
You are from Cape Town. How are the Cape Tonian public embracing you now since you a Playmate? Yes im from the mother city! 🙂 Well evryone is being real supportive about everything… especially my friends and family..they support me and its great to know that.
Hows Life post Playboy? Would you say that it has jump started your modelling career? Its awesome, i get to meet so many different people.. and have so many opportunities…Ive even come up with so many creative ideas to actually give back to society! I wouldnt say it was a jump start to my ive worked hard to get where i am today but it does give me a boost to my modelling career..
Parties. Cruises and autographs. How would you say fans have embraced you since you have been a Playmate? Oh my, theyve been amazing! lol… so much fun and laughs! they make it all worth my while..just to know there are others who support you in what you do makes me smile 🙂 and i honestly appreciate it so much. I make sure i can find ways to show my appreciation and give back to those who supports me… Whether its prizes and competitons or parties and shoots.. i think of may ideas! Im also working on an animal welfare/organisation project… but thats low key for now! 😛
Where to from being a Playmate of the month, I know the playmate of the year takes place.What then..meeting Hef in the mansion.:)? Yes, there will be a competition for Playmate of the year.. where all our fans ..friends and family can vote! Im amped about that… and i hope my fans will support me in that by voting for me 🙂
Im also reaching high goals to move into the direction of helping others etc.. So if anybody has ideas for organisations, charities or companies etc.. that they would like to propose to me..please do tell me… im definately always all for it 🙂
What advise would you give to any model aspiring to become a Playmate? Just be yourself no matter what.. dont let others decide for you… Make your own choices, follow your heart, dream big but stay true to yourself through all..
Thanks Aamz.PIM Will see you soon
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