“As if you were on fire from within. The moon lives in the lining of your skin.” – Pablo Neruda
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PIM:Aamirah. Thank you for gracing PIM. .Firstly tell our readers more about yourself? Aamirah: Well.. honestly, ima very down to earth person who is loving and caring.. loves her family, friends and pets 🙂 i enjoy the outdoors..wildlife..and laughing..I am very goal orientated as well… to be a VERY successfull women in the future…
What’s a day in the life of Aamirah Jano. How do you pay the Bills, What do you do for a living? Each day is different in my life lol.. well at the moment im studying Law (LLB) .. will be moving on to medicine afterwards… But moneywise i am doing modelling and i run a promotional agency as well..
What are your Health and beauty secrets?Any tips for our readers? I would say Sleep is really important to me! I make sure i get enough sleep!
Can you Cook. What would you make PIM for Dinner? Not actually hey… I would like my man to cook for me 🙂 and id make him desert!!! lol I would take PIM out for Dinner !! haha..
Describe your day if you did not have your Blackberry/I phone/smartphone? Well i have an I phone.. without it.. id be checking up on emails etc.. via my laptop lol!! Other than that my life would stil be pretty the same… as i dont have any chat sites on my i phone.
What do you prefer on a guy.Boxers or Briefs? mmm Briefs..hehe.. its soo more sexy!
Why should anyone visit SA. ?What would you say is the best place to visit in SA and Why? Well… we have history here, we have table mountain which is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, variety of great people of a rainbow nation, beautiful beaches and greenery… so why not!
Your dream shoot…Pick a location, a theme? To shoot with Enrique Iglesias haha! If not a Gucci shoot … or probably a sexy sweaty Jungle look with a Tiger.. somewhere in a beautiful green location far away.. Or on the aeroplanes runway track at the airport… me walking and the plane taking off behind me! awesome! lol … oh theres soo many… my imagination is too much!
Oh and what would you regard as the sexiest part of your body and a guys? Well i think my body part would be my hips..and my hair! I love a guys arms and their pelvic bone is hot!
What was the most bizarre and funny come on line that a guy has used on you? Will You pop my Ghost pop!! (and he had a packet of Ghost pops in his hand!!!) lol like wtf!!
What’s your favourite fashion brand: Diesel
Favourite food: I love food!! probably a nice home cooked meal… or a T-Bone Steak at Spur
Favourite perfume on a guy? Davidoff Cool water and Enrique Iglesias True Star
Favourite Perfume on you: Amor (Red) and Paco Rabanne XXS (Pink and Black)
Favourite clubbing and Hangout? Beach!! Club would be Nishas in Camps Bay… but i love just chilling it out at home..
Favourite desert: Chocolate Brownies
Dream Car: Nissan 370z and Audi R8
One wish you would like to come through? To spend a Day with Enrique Iglesias
A quote that you always live by? Always be who you are…stay true to yourself…never give up no matter what and dont give a F*** what others think !!
Favourite brand and colour of Lingerie? La Senza! i love bright colours and White!
Favourite Holiday Destination: Safari Lodge.. with Wild cats! Or Universal resort in Florida. I love Travelling!
Whats your take on friends with Benefits.? Not a fan! …u either my friend… or my guy ;)…
If you could be anyone famous,Who would you want to be and why? Alessandra Ambrossio.. Shes my favourite model.. love her look and body.. and i would love to be part of victorias fashion show!
Did you ever get propositioned by any famous Chap? nah… well if he was.. i never knew! lol
How would you rate urself as a romantic? I would say im 9.5/10 Romantic
Whats your opinion about Lady Gaga? i think shes brave.. weird and crazy… but love her views to stand out and be different and not give a dam!
What do you think of Playboy in South Africa? Well i was offered to attend the casting… i just personally dont like shooting full frontal nude but I have no bad views on them.. Im a Playboy ambassador.. so if you guys want some magazines.. let me know.. i get them before they reach the shelves so u can order from me!
Are you single? Unfortunately not!
What’s your ideal man? If not Enrique Iglesias… then someone whos a gentlemen! Sweet, sexy and cute, treats me like a princess… not afraid to be different… and who always has my back no matter what!
Where will we see you next(magazine /publication/tv? 🙂 Playboy! haha.. (u never know) lol.. maybe FHM if you vote for me!!! SMS “SEXY AAMIRAH AAMZ JANO” to 34937..(to see me in FHM) i am featured in this months issue of FHM though(March).
And maybe il get to be in Sports Illustrated..if you vote for me!! http://www.sinewmodelsearch.co.za/win/New-Model-Search-2012/view/entry;84/aamirah-jano/ follow that link!! So its up to you guys to see me in FHM again.. and Sports illustrated.. and i promise il personally deliver the magazines if i win!!
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